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The Best And Perfect Moment
The Best And Perfect Moment

© Rahul Dogra

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In this world, people say that you are destined for greatness. “You will have that perfect relationship” or “Eventually you will get the best.”

They said and I believed it to be true. But now I wonder what if what I have right now is the best I can ever have. What if the beauty in this world doesn't lie in the fact that you will have a happy ending but in the fact that you don’t need an ending to be happy. What you have now in this moment is the best you will ever have, it is the happiest moment of your life.

Any beautiful painting is drawn after the artist conceives a beautiful idea about it. Do you think the artist waited for the perfect moment? No! He didn't. What if the artist had waited for the perfect moment or waited for the best moment? He could certainly have not painted that portrait. The secret behind those beautiful paintings is that the artist saw the extraordinary out the ordinary. He looked beyond everything and created the best moment. He didn't wait for the best moment, do you know why? Because he believed that he is living the best moment. You are the painter of your life aren't you?

It’s all about how passionate you are towards your life. You are the painter of your life, don’t wait for the moment, don’t stand and expect people to come to you and ask how your life is or how much you enjoyed in that evening or the day. People leave, they always do and that is heartbreaking. Sometimes their absence is felt when they are not around and other times their absence if felt when they are around.

Don’t wait for the best moment, don’t wait for the perfect timing. Just go to your loved ones and ask “Hey it seems something is wrong with us” and if you don’t get the “best” answer. Don’t worry, pick up your paint brush and look at the canvas of life, it’s larger than we think. Create the best moment in the present, fill it with colors and don’t forget to have that beautiful smile on your face, the smile which you are having right now. It makes life easy, doesn't it?

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