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Lonely boy
Lonely boy

© Abi Than

Drama Tragedy

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There is one small village. There is one big family like one grandfather, grandmother and their 6 children. They all have different minds; their characters are different. they all are grown up and the first person gets married and some years later they have a small baby girl and some months later, the 2nd and 3rd kid get married then every six person give their love to that girl baby; in their family she is the first girl baby.

After some years, the 1st person was ready to plan for the second boy baby. The first kid's wife was pregnant; it was almost 9 months. She got pain and everyone took the her to hospital. Doctor gave sad news to that family. The baby boy was safe but the lady was no more. Everyone was shocked. No one accepted and even saw the baby boy. Even his dad rejected this boy. Finally his grandfather accepted and took to house the little boy. One day early morning his grandfather also died because of health issues. After that every person hated that little boy. Finally the little by got out from his house and stayed away from everyone.

Moral - "What happens is not in our hands. Don't ignore kids because they are God's gift."

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