Weird Tale

Weird Tale

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Actually the very first nuclear bomb was invented by the Japanese. And they had it with them from the beginning. Superhuman or supersoldiers actually existed and they all resided at America. Those who were from other continents or countries or state started living near their fellow superheroes(so called) just in case. US Govt used to pay them for staying and serving for their country in need. Because they(so called US govt) were ultra powerful. But when japan invented nuclear bombs, they achieved the ultimate power worldwide. Japan knew that as they are dominating over the world day by day, enemies will try to make alliance with other powerful states and seek revenge. They had to save their asses. So they announced a gala night for all the superheroes out in the world. They invited each one of them promising them that they will be honoured for their contribution towards mankind and for maintaining peace in society. They were overwhelmed, as mighty US never been so kind to them. So they all visited. Night was going well as planned, they were felicitated, small eyed children clicked photos with them, women drooled over them. Everything was in line except... Suddenly 'BOOM'!!...mushroom cloud prevailed. And it went all in pieces. Everyone spot dead, many disemboweled.

The fact is that, American Govt knew their dooms day is coming. They knew they will soon be diminished by mighty Japan. Their alliance with superheroes is going to end that also they knew. They tricked a Japasene spy and stole the nuclear weapons of japan. They had been in touch with all the superheroes for so many days and they studied them well enough to know all their weaknesses. So they modified those nukes accordingly. Then on the day when new entete was about to born, they dropped it at Hiroshima Nagasaki(the venue). And all finished in a heartbeat.

US predicted such day is coming when superheroes will turn against them, and eventually turn against the whole world & dictatorship will creep its way in the society. Laymen will become their slaves. And their almighty country will crush on the ground. So in order to save mankind(as per US side of the story), they killed all the superheroes.

This way superheroes vanished from the world. And in doing so, children and adults were killed. Was mankind truly saved or not? Still it remains unanswered.

The whole superhero story was wiped out from evidences and so as from history. New story was set up. And we blindly believed what was not the harsh truth. We grew up reading stories and comics about hypothetical characters with immense strength & superpower who may have existed and this world would have been a better place. Or different. Maybe worse. Who knows!

P.S - Dont ask about the supervillains!

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