The Freezing Mixture

The Freezing Mixture

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A 12 year old boy heard about the school fest that was going to be held in few days. He along with his 2 very close friends decided to host a soft drink stall in the fest and earn some quick money. They divided the things to be brought for the stall among them. This boy was told to bring a ‘Thermocol Box ’ and ice which was required to keep the bottles chilled.

Everything was planned and the fest day came. This kid somehow managed to arrange both the box and ice took them on his cycle and reached his school. To his surprise he saw his two friends were having fun at the game stalls. They didn’t bring the Soft drink bottles and paper cups. His excitement vanished and soon he realised that not only he won’t be able to set his cold drink stall but also the amount he paid to arrange the box and ice will be wasted.

Any other kid would have given up to the situation but not our hero; he came up with a superb idea and mixed some salt to that ice in 3:1 ratio. The ice in the box turned into a Freezing mixture now. After that he dropped a penny into the box and put a sticker on it which said “Find the penny in the ice”. The temperature inside the box was -23 degree Celsius, so it was really difficult to keep hand in that box for more than 10 seconds. Moreover the metal coins temperature was equal to that of the ice and it was practically impossible to find the coin by touching. Nobody was able to find the coin and claim the prize which was 2ltrs Cold drink bottle. His smart move helped him in earning 4 times the amount he was expecting by selling cold drinks.

So when life gives you lemon make a lemonade business out of it.

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