Life Changing Incident

Life Changing Incident

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An incident which not only changed my life but changed my perception towards life.

I am a 24 year old guy, working in a software company named ‘TCS’ from the last 28 months in my hometown. I was living a monotonous life.

One day I went to eat pav-bhaaji on a road side stall. Two brothers were working in that stall. One was preparing it and the other one was serving it. As it was six in the evening, so they were expecting customers and I was the first one. I gave the order and in the meanwhile I started chatting with the younger brother who was waiting tables. He had a nice athletic body. I asked him do you study? Just one simple question and he went on….

He said “I am in college – 1st year, I have my chemistry practicals tomorrow and after that I have a football match in the evening”. I asked him when will he study? He replied in a relaxed manner, as soon as I reach home around 11 pm , I will study the whole night and I also have to practice some special football moves so that I can impress our college girls. I asked him how do you practice?? He said “I don’t have TV at my home, so I tell my friends to download videos and they give it to me. By looking at the videos in my mobile, I practice”. Then his elder brother started to say – “He is a great footballer, everyone in his college calls him Ronaldo”, and he went on!!

I asked the younger brother which footballer does he follow?

His reply blew my mind, he said “I dont have time to follow any footballer. I just learn through videos and practice so that some day everyone will follow me. ”

I asked him, It must be difficult for you managing college, stall, football all together?

He smiled and said its not at all difficult, I enjoy what I do..

For getting a degree I have to go to college..

For learning special skills, I have to practice football.

For earning money, I have to work at this stall.

But still life is very good to me, he added. I want to support my family, and my brother who is doing everything he can to ensure I don’t have any hindrances to my studies and my football practice ( recently he gifted me with pair of boots).

PS : This incident really made me think that if a person in such conditions can be this happy and excited, anyone in this entire world can be!!

It's just about the optimistic mindset and perceptions towards Life.

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