Someone To Look Up To

Someone To Look Up To

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A role model, an inspiration, a person whom you can look up to in life - as a kid, I chose many famous and talented people as my role models, everyone has done that right? Well, this struck as a late realization to me as how important my mother has been in being an amazing role model. Let me give you reasons as to why I think that my mom is my biggest role model, I promise you it's not another emotional cliched story of a mother - read on to find out more.

Let's rewind this story to 25 years ago, my mom completed her secondary schooling and after that she completed her Diploma in Computer Sciences. Shortly after completing her education, she was married away, when she was 21. A year after marriage she had me and about four years after that she had my brother. Having two children you can imagine how my mom's life had been; she would get us ready for school, pack our lunches, make breakfast/lunch/dinner for the entire family (a joint family of 8 people!), clean, etc - anything that a homemaker would do. This was my mom's routine day in and day out for 15 years, after which she finally decided to take up a small job just to kill time. She proposed this idea of joining a play home as a teacher, this play home was literally 5 minutes away from my house to my dad who was fine with this, but he asked my mom to take my Dadi's permission (dad's mother). My Dadi being orthodox, didn't like the idea of a woman going out and working but after much persistence she let my mom work.

This was my mom's first stepping stone. After this job, she applied for a teaching position in a better school, since then my mother has never stopped. She reached her second landmark when she started teaching for 11th and 12th grade students, I still remember how happy she was that day. Another couple years after that day, now my mom is finally teaching degree students in a fashion institute. Today she is an independent woman who is reaching out for skies at the age of 42. This isn't a story to boast about my mother but rather the one in which I am so proud of her. Her career as a teacher wasn't an easy one but look what she has made out of it today. She is successful and is determined to reach higher. So, kids no role model is big or small, I found mine in my mom.

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