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I stretched my hand but could not reach hers,I kept running as fast as possible but she kept moving away, was out of my field of vision,only I could hear was her screaming.I started to fly so that I could reach her.The earth was collapsing behind me.I started getting her glimpse again.I again stretched my hand so that i can reach her.As I almost reached her all of a sudden a bus came from my left and crushed me into pieces.She was again out of my sight,only thing I could hear was a faint voice "Help me dad...". I shouted back "Kavyaa.." and I woke up drenched completely in sweat.

Since last fourteen years I am haunted by the same dream every single night.Only difference is I was having it in a cell of 8 by 10 for fourteen years till yesterday whereas today I am having it at my home.I cannot forget that night when I failed as a father,could not protect my baby girl from monsters.Only relief I have is that I killed those bastards with my own hands.

Few days passed,If jail was hell,life out of it was no better.Since the time I have been released I barely spoke to anyone.Nobody here knows me and those who know me does not want to speak to me.Only friends I have are the plants,the orchids,the roses,the grasses I talk for hours with them. Some days a group of birds will come and their chirp will be like music to my ears.

One day while I was talking to orchids about the food in jail,I heard a shriek it was no chirp or hum but was a loud high pitched shriek as if someone was desperately calling for help.I followed the noise and found a dove lying between the bushes.An arrow had pierced through her chest and tethered her feathers.

I took the dove in my hands and removed the arrow and draped a cloth over the wound and applied pressure over it.Took the dove inside gave some water to her to drink.Applied some turmeric over the wound.And kept the dove over a cotton roll.

Few more days passed,The wound was healing,Still could not fly but started walking.She will roam in all directions throughout the day.She will try to fly but with one and half feathers she will tumble down after half flight.Felt like I have a new family member.

Next day I again heard the same shriek I ran as fast as possible saw her hiding in a corner with fear in her eyes.I could not understand the reason.I looked here and there saw a cat's eyes behind a drum.I went near it,the cat ran away.But it made me very restless could not sleep.Only way to guard her was to put her in a cage which I never wanted but somehow I was not left with any choice.

Next day early morning I left to buy a cage,I closed all the doors so that the cat cannot enter the house.Before leaving I fed the dove with a fruit and water.And I left.

I came back as fast as possible.Opened the door there was complete silence.There was no chirping,Made me restless I started searching for her,I ran as fast as possible ran to all the rooms.Praying to god,just wanted to hear the chirp again.Only visuals coming in front of me was of the frightened bird in the corner.I ran towards the corner,but when I reached there everything was over except for few feathers and few blood marks.

I sat down,tears started trickling down from my eyes.Touched the feather,with only one thought in mind.

Who killed my dove.Was it the cat who ate her or the hunter who shot her Or was it me who failed for the second time.

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