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A Locked Closet (Wardrobe)
A Locked Closet (Wardrobe)

© Sreya Gopakumar


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A gentleman called Martin, lived in a two bed room flat with his parents. One day his parents informed him that there is a problem with one of the closets, and since it is heavy and is a fixed closet, the workers will have to come home to repair it. The workers said that it might take three to four days for them to repair it. After repairing it, the workers left. As soon as they left, Martin went to check the repaired closet. To his shock, he saw that it was locked. He called the workers to know why they locked it after repair. The workers said, they didn't and asked what would they even gain from doing so. Martin was shocked! He immediately took a hammer and broke the lock.

He was shocked to see tiny pea-sized people playing in a garden-like area inside the closet. The whole closet was filled with grass, trees, flowers, animals, insects and almost all that's found on the Earth. Martin leaned over and took a closer look. A tiny person came near his nose and kept a tiny flower pot in front. Martin sneezed as soon as he sniffed it and then, after opening his eyes, he realized he had shrunken in size and was in the park in the closet.

The people around him were similar to humans and spoke different languages! He saw some strange things which weren't found on Earth. People were cutting a huge number of trees and were planting saplings beside it. When asked, the people said - "These trees give us oxygen, food, fruits, as well as wood to build houses. Since, we are cutting it to fulfill one of our dreams; we would be loosing the precious ones like oxygen and food. So, when we plant a new one, our dreams and our lives are sustained, later when they grow." Martin thought for a while about the condition of trees on the Earth and felt ashamed.

When he moved further into the garden he saw a river, which was very clean and crystal clear! At the same time, he saw an old lady carrying a bucket full of water to a nearby large pit. He followed her and asked the reason behind her action. She said, "Water is the source of life. We don't want to put our lives in danger by polluting it. We bathe in the large pit and make smaller pits around every half kilometer away from the river and throw away the waste, if any." Martin was shocked to hear this! He thought of every water source on the Earth and panicked thinking of the fate of life of humans and animals.

After crossing the river by boat, he reached a road; where to his shock he saw only solar vehicles, electrically charged vehicles and some other non polluting vehicles. By now he was totally ashamed to say that he belonged to the planet called Earth. He thought of finding the same person who placed the flower pot near his nose, so that he could get back home.

On the way back, searching for the man, Martin saw a group of people catching fish and taking only a few leaving the others back in the water. Curiously Martin asked the person "Why did you let the other fish go? you could have sold them in the market and earned some money." To this the man replied- "I eat to live. They are creatures on the Earth like us. They have the same rights to live like us. I kill a few to fill my tummy."

By now Martin got really upset thinking about the conditions of the earth. Suddenly, he slipped at a slop and fell. He saw the man who had kept a flower pot in front of his nose, helping him to get up. Martin expressed his feelings of gratitude and then the man tapped his shoulders. When Martin opened his eyes, his mother was tapping on his shoulder saying the workers were asking for their payment. Martin realized that what he saw was a beautiful and a moral dream!

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