Love Confession

Love Confession

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Both were best friends since school.

After returning from the college, he looked in the bike's rearview mirror.

Both their eyes met there. They reciprocated the friendly smile and turned their gaze into other direction.

Rearview mirrors’ inscription said...

‘Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear’

Their hearts said to each others’ faces: ‘We both feel more intimately close than you pretend!’

Fear echoed inside: ‘But what if he/she’ll say NO?? Then I’ll lose her/his friendship...!! No No... I don’t want to lose our friendship bond. I think he/she deserves better than me...’

The bubbles of questions-answers had been born and erupted in their minds since many months. During the time, both their parents arranged their marriages in their cast. Before knitting in the marriage for the rest of the life, one day both met at coffee-cafe and confessed their love for each other.

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