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A Meeting With Myself
A Meeting With Myself

© Vasundhara Yadav

Fantasy Thriller Action

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It was a cold winter night and it was snowing out in England. Four years ago I was at my cousin’s place in London spending my winter vacations the only time I got free from office. I was watching a series of paranormal activities with my younger brother. Soon I realized that he was in a deep slumber. It was quarter to one and suddenly I heard a loud shriek from the neighborhood. As everyone was asleep  I decided to check it out myself. As soon as I rushed out someone ran into me and I fell down, she turned and apologized but, it was me I was shocked who was awake till this time at night and looked exactly like me but as I turned back to look at that person, nobody was there, not even the footprints that should have been present on the soft snow.

I was confused if it was just a misunderstanding or it was a meeting with myself! Now I was too scared to meet me and could not muster up courage to go and find the origin of the shriek. When I reached home, still I was in a fix, so I woke up my brother and asked him if he had heard any shriek and no was his reply. After a long quarrel between the conscience and fiend of my mind I decided that it was just a misunderstanding at four I woke up huffing and puffing in the middle of such cold, why because I had seen the same me in my dream and it told me that my family and my life was in a danger. The rest of the night could not sleep peacefully so I decided to make a cup of coffee for myself. As I turned to the kitchen window for taking a look at the dark moonless night, my heart shattered into pieces, ‘DANGER’ was written on the window. When I called my cousin to look up at the window he could not see anything but I could, it was clearly written. I felt as if I had gone mad. Now I just tried to go to the window and check if anyone was there but still none no footprints either. I was in a shock but then how could this ever be possible it can also be that it had been a prank so I kept back all of it to myself without telling it to anyone. At seven I took my car and decided to go for a long drive with my mind full of doubts. The dawn had been calm but lonely. Soon I started into forest, someone was coming in my direction so I applied the brakes but nothing happened, the brakes were not working and that person was walking fearlessly towards my car I decided to try my luck for the last time and ‘LO behold’ it stopped but just about a meters distance from the person, my head was down with fear if I had killed her but as I looked up there was no one not even a single person could be seen till the about a kilometers distance.


I got down the car and found a note as I picked it up, it read ‘DANGER’ but these letters were written in blood. The end of the letter said : by A. What did this ''A'' mean was any of my friend present in London playing a trick at me. I got back into my car and started to drive again with an even more confused mind. On my way back home, I saw a library it was open so I decided to go and check if any book could give answer to my questions. There were a collection of new books one of them read Doppelganger I checked out that book. The book said that a doppelanger was a ghostly double of living person who would come to give messages about danger or to offer advice. It can only be seen by its ‘owner’. It also said that bad things happen to people who saw them. It can also be seen by someone close to the owner if extreme danger is there. I was a bit tensed but as it is said 'history repeats itself’ so I wanted to check if such a incident had happened with someone.


I was searching among some main headings in a ten year old news paper converted into a book when I read “A house blasted over because of a gas leak 5 dead 1 survived.”, Andrea!!! I exclaimed it was none other than me the date was 22nd December and indeed today was 22nd December. I rushed out of the library the birds were chirping, the Sun was rising people were waking up but only I was seeming tensed I drove the car to about 120 Km/Hr! Obviously I had to save my family as I reached a hundred yards from my house, I was stopped by the police, they said, “Excuse me Miss, there is an explosion in block 21 it was due to a gas leak so we cannot let you go there”, my worst nightmare was coming true. I could never imagine anything like this I ran into the smoky area looking for my family! But could not see anything other than smoke. The Fireman stopped me and said that “the gas is poisonous, you are not allowed inside”. I said that my family was inside and asked if they were out or not. The fireman said that “the gas being so poisonous will kill anyone in five minutes there is no chance of them being alive”. I sat crying in the smoke, while they tried to console me but all in vain. I got up and started to walk away unintentionally and aimlessly, when I heard my brother call upon me, I was shocked to see him and wondered if it were him or a hallucination. I ran to him and hugged him tightly. Yes it was him, my brother I was ecstatic and felt as happy as a child with a new toy. I found the other family members too, but as I asked them how they were saved, my brother said that I had told him to take everyone out in lawn and suddenly started divigating towards the backyard, just before the detonation. I then recalled what I had read, “It can also be seen by someone close to the owner if extreme danger is there”. Yes indeed I was very close to my brother and he knew me thoroughly.


I burst into tears thanking my fate for such a lucky day in my life on which my family and I had narrow escape from death. It’s been 4 Years, but even now if I think of those 24 hours a cold shiver runs down my spine. And I thank God all over again for saving my family.


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