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Never Give Up
Never Give Up

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A boy wished to be the owner of an Airlines company. He was in standard 8th and was not good in studies.

He thought that his friends would show him the papers and he would pass. But none of his friends showed him the papers and he failed in exam.

He attempted standard 8th exams again but failed again.

He was thinking that he will stop studying and leave school. He sat in a farm and cried for 2 hours.

One boy came and said, "Ram, your father is admitted to a hospital". Ram asked, "What happened to my father? Why is he in the hospital?"

The boy replied, "Your father had a double heart attack, so he is in the I.C.U ward, please come fast", Ram ran towards the hospital and after 15 minutes the doctor came and said. " Now your father has only 45 min, after that he will die."

Ram started crying and the doctor allowed him to meet his father for 10 minutes. He ran to his father and was crying continuously.

His father said, "My son, you appear for standard 8th exams again and pass, it is my request".

Ram replied, "No dad, I will not study. I will leave school".

His father replied, "I was also like you, then my father told me that in any situation, never give up in your life, then I started to study and passed my standard 10th board exam with 75%"

Listening to this, Ram got inspired and said, "Dad, now I will study and will pass"

The last sentence of his father was , "Never give up in your life ", after saying this, his father died.

He was crying. After few days he started studying and in the third attempt he passed his standard 8th, he passed standard 9th, standard 10th board exams he got 99%.

He was very happy, his uncle was in the U.S.A, he helped Ram in taking admission in higher college in the U.S.A. He was happy and his uncle gave financial support. After 20 years of struggle he became the owner of an airlines company, all credit of his success goes his father.

His father is now no more. Ram is so happy because he had achieved his aim and now he is telling everyone that never give up in your life.

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