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There was a boy who lived in a village with his parents. The background of the family was very good, the boy had a sister. His father was a school teacher and his mother a housewife. His father was very strict and disciplined he did not like to buy toys for his kids. His son was very creative and he was normal. After some certain age he was not like other normal children, he did not like to play with his friends because he was not having toys. He started to live alone in his house did not talk too much, he was not active like other children.

Some years passed he was alike and no change. One day at the village’s market his friends were roaming and playing with their toys and this boy was following them and thought to steal his friend’s toys and he took a toy and ran away. So, he was doing this for years. Whenever he visits a home he steals something and puts in his bag and was not showing that to anyone. At the age of 18 his father told him to search for a job but he did not like to go outside. If he goes outside in search of a job he knew that he won’t get a job and he will only steal things from that place. But he wanted to get rid of stealing things from others.

One day his father left him at his elder sister’s husband’s village so that they would to get him a job. One day he was walking on a road and he met an old man. The old man asked “What happened” he told nothing but the old man asked him and forced him to tell what happened and to show his bag.

And he told everything and what happened to him in his childhood. The old man gave him a solution that while stealing something you just think about the person you love and care much would control yourself. By this advice the boy got up walked away positively that I will not steal anything and I would get myself a job, finally he got a job in his village after changing his habit of stealing.

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