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King Of One Day
King Of One Day

© Manash Padhiary

Abstract Fantasy

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An adolescent of 10-12 years, works in a hotel.

One day he took a break.

That day, in the morning, he bathed unnaturally longer.

He put on the only clean pair of pant shirt combo of him.

He broke his piggy bank and put all his savings in his pocket.

Went to the park. Roamed endlessly.

Went for a movie. Enjoyed pop corn.

Gulped a bottle of soft drink. In fact, he enjoyed a lot.


In the evening, he entered in his own hotel, where he works as a waiter.

And while sitting at a table, he shouted, "Ramu, water!"

Another coworker of him, Ramu, was astonished, but brought him a glass of water.


Our hero took a deep look at the glass and shouted again, "Go and bring a clean glass. Yes, don't forget to bring me the testiest delicacy of your hotel."


In the mean time, the owner of the dingy hotel reached there and told, "Hey you, nutty chap! What a scene have you created..?? What a farce is this..??”


The boy, our hero, replied, "Sir, I have taken a day's off today. Now I have come here as your customer. I will pay for what I eat."


The owner was a gentleman. He simply whirled a smile.


Deep inside his subconscious mind, he was saluting the king of one day.


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