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My Santa Claus
My Santa Claus

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Riya's heart skipped a beat as she saw her Boss walking towards his cabin.

"Good morning sir," she said jumping to her feet as soon as he passed by her.

Avinash responded with a quick nod of head and walked ahead without even looking at her.

Riya's eyes glowed with the light of love for Avinash that she has been furtively storing in her heart for the past two years. Riya instantly fell in love with the handsome and kind hearted Avinash, the day she has joined the office as his secretary. But he didn't seem to give her much attention even though she had tried her level best to find a way into his heart.

Avinash placed his bag on the table and thumped himself on his chair as he heaved a sigh. He thought of Riya's beautiful face in the seclusion of his cabin. He acknowledged that the girl was a simple, suave, intelligent and compassionate one. And he was well aware that she was in love with him. What else do a man wish for if he has a girl like her who is head over heels in love with him. But he also knew that it was going nowhere. Their relationship has no future as he was a widower and a father of a six- year-old girl.

'Why should a girl like Riya marry a man like me?' He thought, 'no, I can't let her ruin her life after me.'

And hence, he started keeping her at a distance while ignoring the burning flames of love that he used to witness every day in her eyes.

"Hey Riya!" Nancy called out, "everyone is asked to gather in the conference hall right now."


"It's time for Christmas friend."

"What is that?"

"The names of all the staff will be written on a small piece of paper and will be put in a bowl. We all have to randomly pick up a chit from it. And that person whose nane is wriiten on the chit will be our Christmas friend. And then we have to give him or her a gift on the day of Chirstmas."

When it was Riya's turn to pull out a chit, she closed her eyes prayed with all her heart for it to be Avinash. Her face lit up with a beautiful smile as her wish came true.

Riya kept tossing and turning on her bed for several nights as she couldn't decide what shall she gift Avinash. The gift has to be special and should convey her love to him that she has kept beneath the veils till now. She thought of various options like roses, heart shaped candies, greeting cards but nothing seemed to apeal her much. She was still in a conundrum when her phone rang. It was Nancy.

"Riya," Nancy said as soon as she picked up, "I don't think you will have to buy any gifts this year."


"Because I don't think Boss will be able to make it to the Chistmas Party. His daughter is battling for life in an ICU. The liitle girl is suffering from a rare ailment of liver. She needs an immediate transplant to live. And our poor Boss is running from pillar to post in search of a donor to save his daughter's life."

"Now I know," Riya said as tears filled up her eyes, "what shall I gift him."

Riya was recovering in the hospital after donating a part of her liver to Avinash's daughter. Avinash used to take good care of her while she was in the hospital. One day he came to her room and sat by the side of her bed. Though Riya was still weak but her pale face glowed as she saw Avinash.

"How is she now?" It was Riya's first and foremost question whenever Avinash comes to visit her though she has never met his daughter.

"She is fine now," Avinash smiled, "all thanks to you."

"You should thank the Almighty sir." Riya smiled back.

"Do you want to meet her?"

"Yes" Riya nodded and Avinash helped her to a wheelchair.

"Do you know who she is?" Avinash asked his daughter as he ushered Riya into her room.

"Yes I do," the girl said with a pretty smile, "she is my Santa Claus as she has gifted me with a new life."

She flashed a smile at her father and added, "and Dad said that you are going to love me and take care of me as my Mom."

Riya turned her eyes that were gleamimg with tears of joy towards Avinash who smiled at her. For the first time, Riya saw the light of love burning bright in his eyes. That love, which she knew, he has always held back from her for her own good.

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