A Day In Their Lives.

A Day In Their Lives.

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Sarah’s head was overflowing with ideas for her new novel, ranging from the staple go-to cancer love story to the good girl falls for the alpha male story.  Disappointment took over her face for every idea she came up with had already been written about.

She flung the door open to the first bar she saw, in order to grab a quick bite. She entered the bar to the scene of literally every eye looking at her.  “Man, DO I turn heads?”  She giggled.

Clutching  her diary, on which we she had planned on penning down all her repetitive ideas for the novel, she sat on the closest booth and without wasting any time she started to ponder over her story.

As she jumped from one genre to another in her head, she caught a glimpse of a guy ogling her. “Is it the lasagna, is there some on my face? I guess it’s stuck in my teeth”, She thought.

Just as she was about to point out almost every flaw in her that could’ve made the guy stare at her, she heard him say, “a glass of cabernet sauvignon please”.

“GAY” she grinned.  She didn’t let the sucking sound sidetrack her and went back to brainstorming for the novel.



Max was deep in thought when the sudden slam of the bar door distracted him. He looked in the direction of the door only to find a shabbily dressed girl with an unkempt appearance holding what appeared to be a big fat diary.
“I’d think she’s a food critique if she wasn’t in a stained T-shirt”,  max thought to himself.

The girl rushed and settled her scruffy self in the booth next to Max’s. Her unkempt appearance and the smell of lasagna should be a great turn off for any guy but, for some reason max found it strangely attractive. It’s not every day that you see a girl who thinks beyond her appearance.

His booth gave a clear view of the girl, he could distinctly see every little freckle on her face, the way she tensed her forehead and then released a gentle sigh, the way she struggled with her hair and then finally decided to wear it up, the way she kept fiddling with the pen, biting it clumsily. As soon as max realized that he’d been staring at the girl for a solid five minutes then, he looked away.

*click click* the pen goes, making max and the girl play the game of stolen stares.

Distracting his attention from her, he ordered a glass of wine to show just how sophisticated he can be as opposed to the girl. “Wait! Did I just come off as a loner who orders fancy wine to get girls or should I say guys”.

He slurped his wine and the girl kept clicking her pen; it seemed like they were meant to team up against humankind and annoy every living soul to bits.

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