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I work in a multinational company in Bangalore as CEO. pressures of the CEO are there but I enjoy my life to the full. We are a family of four, me, my wife and my two pretty daughters. My wife belongs to Delhi and studied there only since childhood. I belong to a village in Punjab and up to high school, I studied in a govt school there.

After high school my family shifted to the city, I got admission in IIT and then got a job in Bangalore after completing IIT.

Occasionally I get dreams of my village home and my old friends and even thought of going there sometime but the busy schedule did not allow me to do so.

In one of the weekends I was free, so I decided to visit my old village to refresh my old memories .my daughters had classes so I decided to go alone.

As I reached my village, I started feeling good from inside. When I was going towards my home, I saw some boys swimming in the river. All the past memories of my old friends flashed in front of my eyes.

We were three fast friends, Anil, Ankit and me (Ajay). We were in the same class. In those days there was no tension of study and after school, we all were free to play.

A river flows near our village and we used to go there daily. We all were very good swimmers and used to race in the river. We also used to play by throwing mud and water on each other.

When we were near river time just flew and sometimes we reached home after sunset .those days were the happiest of my life .remembering all these old memories I reached home. My uncle lives there as we had a joint family. I was received there like a VIP. I spent a night there and asked my uncle about my other two friends. He told me that they have also got settled in very good companies.

Next day with all these sweet memories I took a flight to Bangalore. I narrated my whole trip to my wife and children and they also showed a keen interest in village life. I promised them to take them soon to the village on my next trip.

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