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Thomas, the tank engine clock was soothing me with its rhythm and the blankets held me in, like a fall from the bed would kill me.

My bedroom door was outlined with the light from downstairs and muffled TV noises comforted me with the knowledge mum and dad were near.

Thomas the tank stopped ticking. You opened the door and came in and knelt beside my bed. You had read me The Wizard of Oz earlier and slapped the book shut as that wooden house was sucked up in a tornado.

You looked like mum but your eyes looked different like you were no longer behind them.

'What big teeth you have, grandma'. You surprised me with this. I am my mother's grandma? I saw your fingers grow large as they came toward my face. You seemed to remove my front teeth effortlessly and left me with a salty sweet taste. My tongue ran over the tender gaps where each tooth used to be.

You freed my feet from the sheets. 'This little piggy went to market (snip), until this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home (snip).' My piggies were all covered in blood and randomly splayed on the bed. Ten little holes wept and your eyes still lacked the look that made you mum.

'Round and round the garden like a teddy bear', I knew by now this could only end badly, 'one step, two step and a stabbing under there'. My armpits were on fire and I recognized the knife you cut the potatoes with.

You dropped the knife and wandered out the room. The doorknob clicked I checked my two front teeth beneath my pillow and wondered what the hell the tooth fairy would bring...

Thomas, the tank started to tick. I was all in one piece and I could hear the TV downstairs again. I wriggled my toes and for the first time felt thankful for them. I flicked my tongue over my two front teeth.

The eyes of Thomas switched left to right with each tick then tock.





And then nothing.

But now he had stopped and was looking straight at me. He looked a lot less friendly. I threw blankets over my head, as I heard the doorknob click.

Thomas was out to get me.

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