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An Answer...Too Difficult
An Answer...Too Difficult

© Shilpa Sanghamitra


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This morning, I heard people talk, a Muslim 6-7-year-old girl crying and insisting her father to enter a Hindu temple.

At evening as I was travelling in a bus I heard an about 38-year-old man consoling his daughter, "Don't cry dear, we are not allowed to go there. You are too young to understand this. But why did you want to go there?"

Without delay I understood, it was the girl I heard of talking to her father. I listened to their conversation.

"Abbu, I need to thank him."

"Thank whom? Why?"

"Do you remember, Ammi was in the hospital. She was in so much pain & there I saw Ganesh Ji's idol and I asked him to cure Ammi's pain. I couldn't find Allah there so I also told him to convey my message to Allah and cure Ammi soon. See now Ammi is cured. She isn't in hospital. Now she feeds me biriyani and I can also sleep in her lap and listen to her stories. I was missing these when Ammi was in the hospital. Ganeshji and Allah together cured my Ammi. I have thanked Allah but I need to thank Ganesh Ji too. You tell me we need to thank those who help us but they didn't allow me. Why Abbu?"

I hear her cry again.

The father didn't respond.

Perhaps he too was fighting for an answer to give to his small innocent daughter just like I was trying to find an answer.

I heard the conductor call my stop. I got up to go but then went to the girl & told her "Dear, people won't understand it. You ask Allah to convey your thanks to Ganesh Ji. He will definitely do that."

I took a pocket calender with Ganesh Ji's image and gave it her, smiled and said, "He is everywhere."

As I reached the bus door, I saw the girl with closed eyes uttering something to the image and her the father smiling.


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