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Take Back Your Words
Take Back Your Words

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Once upon a time there lived a rich gentleman. He had a bad habit of gossiping and talking too much about others. One day he said something bad about his neighbor. This created a lot of rumors and his neighbor was deeply saddened by his act. Realizing his fault, he tried to do some damage control, but for no avail. He went to a saint thinking if something could be done to take back his words. The saint listened to him patiently and said,'I can reverse all the bad words you have spoken. For this you need to do as I say.' 'I can do whatever you say. I want to take back my words.', said the rich man. Saint said,'Please collect a lot of feathers. Take them and throw them in the middle of the town.'The rich man collected a basket full of feathers, put them in road of middle of the town. He went back to the saint, 'Master, I have done what you asked me. Please now take back all bad words spoken about my neighbor. Saint said,'I will do that, but first bring back all the feather you have just spread on road. Remember I need each and every one of them.' The man looks in disagreement and said,'I beg your pardon master, how is this possible? By this time, all feathers would have flown to so many different places, it is now impossible to bring all of them back. You would have told me before, I would have kept them safe and controlled them so that they don't spread.' Saint smiled and told,'Words coming out of your mouth are just like feathers, once they come out of your mouth, they spread out, you can't take them back, you have no control on them. They spread and fly like wind. You can control only before you spread them, so, always think and then talk.' The rich man realized his grave mistake and promised to think before he talks.

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