The Lady In The Keyway

The Lady In The Keyway

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13 long days. I really hated going on business trip. Spending all your day alone, in an unknown city with no one to talk to always felt strange. It was my 3rd visit to Westborough. I was staying at small bed and breakfast inn. It wasn’t a fabulous luxurious hotel as such just a small room with basic necessity but at 10 mins drive from my workplace so I figured why not. Plus I always come back late at night and go straight to bed so there was no point in choosing any other hotel.

It was 2 AM. My first day was, for the lack of better word, eventful to say the least. I headed straight to my room as I was quite tired after a long day. As I was unlocking my door, I heard a women’s cry right from the room behind me. Then there was silence. Complete utter eerie silence. I decided to take a look myself. I knocked on the door.

There was no response. I knocked again but still no answer. I don’t know what went through my mind I peeped inside their room from their keyhole. I could see a large white room with decor quite similar to mine just filled with much more antiques. A lady dressed in all black with a veil on her head standing right towards the other end of the room. I knocked again while looked into the key hole. There was no movement.

After a while I went back in my room confused at just what happened.

The next few days, the same events occurred. I heard a cry, I knocked and when peeping I saw the lady standing but everyday the lady seemed to come closer and closer. But she just won’t move as I kept on knocking. On the 9th day, I decided to ask the receptionist about the room. As I inquired she seemed rather surprised, stating as far as she knows no one resides in that room. I was shocked. Maybe I was seeing things.

That day, I was rather late even for my usual self. It was 3:30 AM as I stepped in. I heard the women cry again. I paid no heed to it. As I unlocked my door and opened it, I heard it again. This time it was much more terrifying, as if someone was just in her death bed crying. I couldn’t ignore it but this time I peeped inside the room instead of knocking. I couldn’t see much as the key hole seemed to be covered by some black fabric. It was then I realized the lady in the back was looking at me through the keyhole. I panicked. I ran back to my room shut the door behind and stood there with my back at the door. I was breathing heavily, my heart pounding so fast it seemed I was about to die. Sweating palms and restlessness took over and then I heard a loud knock on my door. 3 knocks. I was horrified I couldn’t move any more. 3 more knocks again.

I gathered some courage and looked though my peephole. I saw that lady dressed in all black with a bloody knife in her hand smiling at me. I blacked out.

I woke up the next day. I looked again there was no sign of her. I rush to the reception and explained everything. They went up and opened the door. It was all empty no sign of anyone. Everything seemed untouched for days. They said I must be seeing things. I know what I saw. I left the hotel that day never to return back.

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