Ch1 Ecstatic Youth (Agra-2008)

Ch1 Ecstatic Youth (Agra-2008)

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The bell rang, all the girls came out of the examination hall; today was the last day of 12 board examinations. The girls of the St. Mary School looked thrilled and excited. Finally, the wait was over, the most important exams in their life were over. Nia was coming out of the examination hall with her friends.

‘Let’s go out to celebrate’, Alisha said.

All the girls nodded their heads; it was a group of three girls- Alisha, Kriti and Nia.

‘Let us go to McD’, Kriti said.

They pulled their Activas out from the parking lot of the school building and went to McDonald's.

‘So, what next?’ Asked Kriti.

Nia looked a bit confused; She was an average girl with big dreams of achieving something in life. Nia lived with her mother and elder sister Richa; her parents divorced when both children were young. Kriti was a very bright, progressive and broad-minded girl and always went with the flow in her life. Whereas, Alisha was a Sikhni-Sikh girl - a daydreamer, wool-gather and liked to built castles in the air, she was hoping to just get the passing percentage, while, Kriti was definitely going to pass the board examinations with flying colors and Nia hoped to get a decent percentage that could fetch her admission in her dream university DU.

They discussed their future plans, their aspirations, goals and career. Love had never knocked the door of any of the girls, but they had major crushes on the boys of the Thomas School, a famous boys school in Agra the boys of which were crushes of every St. Mary School’s girl. The girls finished their meals and went to Kriti’s house for the sleepover. All night they gossiped about their crushes, love, dreams, school memories and fun they used to have in school.

The night passed quickly in the blink of an eye; that night they decided to go for a short summer break in the picturesque hill station called Dehradun. They packed their bags, luggage and set out for their soul thrilling journey to Dehradun and Mussoorie.

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