Astro Speaks

Astro Speaks

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In the end, we all are nothing but stories. But, do we get to write our story? Has he already written our story? What is the truth? This is my attempt to convey my understanding:

''Where is the newspaper, Rekha?'' Rajat yelled.

“It is an off for the newspapers. We had Diwali yesterday.” Rekha replied as she served tea.”

“Oh no! What will I do without the lucky numbers today? I have no clue about the day either,” he complained about missing the 'Ganesha Speaks' column, his horoscope. That column was Rajat's compass; he called off all the meetings for the day and wanted to play it safe. He could not bear the uncertainty, it tortured him. The next day, the column had something to offer: 'A day where you are most likely to regret something. The later part of the day could offer a life changing lesson. Lucky numbers 7 and 9.’

 The column had given him some clue about his day and he was prepared. The first email in his inbox gave him a reason to regret. It informed him about the opportunity he had missed yesterday by not going to the office. 'What's the lesson here?' he wondered.

On his way back home, the traffic jam served as an occasion to deliver a lesson. The huge billboard on the road displayed the following thought-provoking question. 'Your life-script is written. Are you ready to act pro-actively?' The question created a chaos within him.

“Rekha, I don't know what is happening. It is all quite strange.”

“Rajat, you have become dependent on the astro column. It is controlling you. After you read the column, your mind prepares you in such a way that it keeps attracting those events. Those are general predictions and you believe them. Why don't you enjoy the gift of uncertainty? It's a blessing to each one of us. The knowledge of our future may kill our present. Co-author your story with God!”

“I think you are right. You are right,” he nodded.

Rajat started learning the art of living with uncertainty. He enjoyed laughing at himself after reading the astro column at the end of the day.

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