Fashion Queen (Part-2)

Fashion Queen (Part-2)

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A few minutes later, a young and beautiful lady entered into the waiting room.

'Awanish', she said.

'Yes, ma'm; I replied.

'Come with me', she told smiling.

We reached in HR department where 2 more ladies were working on their computers.

The lady offered me a computer and asked to work on Accounts Executive profile and line up 10 candidates for interview next day.

I devoted my full attention on the given profile.

Almost one hour later, I asked to Assistant Manager- 'execuse me, ma'm. Where is washroom?

She directed me towards washroom.

When I reached at the department door, I saw the same beautiful girl other side of door. I was just about to open the door. She was also in the position to open door. We both were in front of each other and only door was between us. She was smiling.

'Sorry,' she told looking at me.

'It's ok', I replied without smiling.

When she passed, I started to think- "Oh, no. I should have also smile back. Why didn't I smiled. She was looking so beautiful smiling. I like her so much. I think she also likes me." 

I was coming back from washroom, and she was coming back from HR department. Luckily we met again on the way. Now I smiled looking at her without saying anything. I wanted to say something, talk anything and spend more time with her for manythings. She also didn't say anything, just only smiled back.

I seated on chair, looked at computer and started to search Accounts Executive. I smiled remembering her smiling and quite face looking at computer screen.

'You are fresher or have any exp', another lady seated beside me asked.

'Experienced, and I think we have already met before.' I told.

'Oh, when? She asked surprised.

'You are from Patna, right. That day, you came for joining and I for interview. You were talking to a person seated beside me in waiting room.' I replied.

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