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Should I Come Back?
Should I Come Back?

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Jason had just kept the phone down. He was talking with his present employer. He had received a call from the latter, informing him about a promotion. Therefore, Jason was very happy about it. However, when Jason reflected back on his career and his stint in this office, he discovered that he had not done anything exemplary to merit this promotion. However, he let things stand as they were and soak in the success he did not deserve. He started thinking how he had received this promotion. He did not have to wait for long, to seek his answer. Two days later, he got it.

The answer came in the form of his new boss, Rebecca. When he saw her for the first time in his office, he was aghast. She had completely changed since he had last seen her. Yes, they were college friends and had planned to marry. However, Rebecca's parents had other plans. They wanted Rebecca to marry one of their debtor's son. Rebecca's father was into the business of travel. When the business was doing well, he had taken loans from moneylenders. However, since the last one year, his business was not doing well. Therefore, he had decided to marry off his daughter, Rebecca, to one of his debtor's children in lieu of returning the money.

Rebecca did not oppose the move because she was a family loving girl and she loved her parents more than they loved her. Therefore, she married Roshan, the son of Chiniya, the owner of the lending company ROSHAN FINANCE. He was doing business in his son's name and was doing very well. Therefore, he had suggested this to Rebecca's father, when he saw that he could not pay the money back. Chuniya thought that he would recover the debts by harassing his daughter. However, he did not let Rebecca's family know what he intended to do. He married Rebecca to his son Roshan and for one-month post, marriage things were fine.

However, they started deteriorating after that. Rebecca discovered that unknown to his family; Roshan was already married to someone else. He had married Rebecca because his family wanted so. However, he did not love her at all. He had married the daughter of a big businessperson from Africa. He wanted to do business in Africa with him because his own father, Chuniya was not valuing him and not letting his take decisions in the family business. Therefore, tired of Chuniya, Roshan had married a businessperson's daughter so that he could inherit his business. Roshan's father-in-law was doing business of arms and ammunition.

He had the requisite licenses and he wanted Roshan to inherit his business because he did not have a son. He had only one daughter, Roshni, but he had business interests in Africa as well as in India. He wanted Roshan to help him with his Indian business, in return for marrying Roshni to him. Roshan was overjoyed at the offer and he now no longer took interest in his father's business. Sensing his negligence of the family business, his father reprimanded him. In response, Roshan left the house and went to stay with Roshni, in a flat procured by her father, for both of them to stay, after marriage.

Rebecca was just brought into the house because Roshan's mother needed someone to talk to while she was busy with the household chores. She was also to assist her in the chores. After discovering all this, Rebecca got wild. She decided to take a divorce, continued her studies, which were stopped because of her marriage and started living life independently. She rented a home for both herself and her mother, who had been a doting wife and mother, and now needed rest. She was happy that Rebecca had taken a strong stand and looking at her guts, she too broke away from her husband.

Rebecca completed her MBA in finance and got a job as Jason's boss in his company. When Rebecca and Jason met, their eyes met too. Rebecca was trying to find out whether he had recognized her. He had not. Rebecca decided to help Jason by promoting him. However, she did not want Jason to know that she was responsible for his promotion. Therefore, she told someone from the company to call Jason, deliver the news to him, and send him a formal letter. She did not wish to reveal her identity earlier than she would have to. One thing Rebecca was happy about was that Jason had not recognized her as the same person with whom he was in college.

This showed that Rebecca had changed a lot since college days. On the first day of the promotion, when Jason was being shown his new office, he saw his new boss come to him and show him his new cabin. Here, once again, Rebecca tried to find out whether he had recognized her. However, he had not. She was glad for it. She did not want Jason to know who she was until he settled down in his new role, as the assistant manager finance. She was the manager, finance for the company. Jason was now directly reporting to Rebecca. Silently Rebecca decided to do her work. She found out Jason's resume.

She found that Jason was an ordinary graduate. She decided to encourage him to do his MBA, in finance. She told him that the office would sponsor him if he agreed. He did. He started his part-time degree course in finance, while he worked under Rebecca. Although, Rebecca was doing all this, she did not want Jason, or for that matter anyone to know why she was doing it. Rebecca had this job through a reference of her mother. Her mother had been working in the same company before her marriage and some of her colleagues were still working there.

Jason completed his MBA and was once again promoted as manager finance. Rebecca had still not told Jason who she was. She wanted him to find out. Jason did find out. One day, when he was waiting in Rebecca's cabin, while he was doing an MBA, he noticed one of her college mates waiting to meet her. Incidentally, he was in the same college that Jason had done his graduation. That was when he found out that Rebecca and him were college mates. Then he started racking his brains and found out that Rebecca was the same person whom he was to marry while he was in college.

Rebecca was thankful that he had found out who she was. Now she could reveal everything to him. When Jason came to know everything, he was very happy. However, he was wondering whether to ask Rebecca to come back. Rebecca had the same question on her mind. SHOULD I COME BACK?

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