Untold Feelings

Untold Feelings

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# FighterPilot by # Rehaan 0700hrs 27/4/2002 Everybody was seated in the briefing room of a Helicopter unit. The lights were about to be turned off and briefing was about to start . Ashu banged the door and entered into rush. Being a pilot u have to be very strict and disciplined . Aashu was late today for some reason. His face was pale. His eyes sleep deprived and a dull look prevailed on his face. 

There were gossips in the briefing room about the cloudy weather.  In the mean time Flight commander entered the room . Flight Commander: "Hello gentlemen, hope u slept well last night and set for a bloody hectic day." Everybody shook their head in affirmation . "That's cool." And he went with briefing, explaining the weather conditions, course of flying and number of aircrafts to be flown.  Once the briefing was over, everybody moved towards the cafeteria to have some light snacks before leaving for their tasks. Things were normal and weather was OK . Aashu was all lost in dreams. He was a newbie who got commissioned recently. He had earned wings and eagle on his chest . Suddenly a senior tapped his shoulder. Vikram : "Aashu all well ? Man u look so lazy Aashu." "Hello sir . yup all well sir." (faking a smile ) Vikram : "Have u had some sleep last night ? Your eyes are telling tales of insomnia." Aashu : "Sir actually not much, but I managed to get some sleep." Vikram pulled a cigar and lit it ..."Good luck for the day Aashu and ya pull your socks up ...you see one error can cost u life of many and damage to property." Roger Sir .. Aashu replied in a positive way and confidently . Vikram moved on to smoking lounge with a cigarette in his hand. Aashu had recently fallen for a girl who lived near the base where Aashu was posted. The gal Sheen was introduced to Aashu by one of her friends. They used to hang out on weekends at a coffee shop spending some quality time while sipping the brewing coffee. The coffee shop was located on a busy street of the town. It had 3 floors so they would always go to the top floor get some coffee and enjoy the peaceful place. Those casual coffee meetings turned into a love story that started growing. It was like a flower bud waiting eagerly to bloom. After a hectic day at aviation's the guy would love to spend his nights talking to his new crush. Everything was so different... a feeling of being on cloud 9. Aashu was by now day-dreaming and planning an innovative way to propose the girll of his dreams whom he had met a few days back. Sheen on the other hand was head over heals for Aashu. A girl in her early twenties who had recently joined MNC and started working. Her beauty was her asset . Her sweet voice was no less than that of a nightingale. Her eyes were mystic and oceanic deep blue. Concludingly I must say she was the definition of beauty. Aashu on the other hand was a guy of 27 with a macho body, fair colour obviously men in uniform are handsome and crush of many girls Aashu deep inside was planning to go and speak up to his Flight commander about the weirdest idea ever any fighter pilot would comeup with in his life. Somehow he was called up by flight commander to his office. 

Anytime the commander calls,  you are screwed . shouted a senior while Ashu left slowly for the office. It was like a chaos in his mind... a tornado. Talking to himself..." What wrong have I done. Man m screwed . Fuck fuck ... I don't even remember . God save me." . . fingers crossed while murmuring to himself. He reached the gate and knocked . A heavy manly voice from inside- "Come in." Aashu entered, banged his foot on the floor in attention and greeted "Jai Hind Sir, Flight leutanant Aashu reporting Sir."  CDR . "At ease Ashu. How are you?"  "Fine Sir." CDR - "Aashu you are detailed for a night sortie .at 2330 hours." Aashu : Roger Sir. CDR : "Get some rest. . your eyes are red . Dismiss." Aashu again came to attention paid Salute turned back and left While Aashu left the door a smile crawled on his face dream coming true. It was like he wished and God said Aashu here It is. Actually it was  Sheen's birthday. So Aashu had planned of greeting her n proposing in a unique way. He was walking towards parking area .. Singing song in a loud voice a song of Bob Marley Everything I do ... I do it for you. ... look into ya eyes and you will see ... Oh baby ... He jumped into his car left for the market straight away. He went to a flower seller Gotta bouquet and got some words scrubbed on it Happy Birthday Sheen ... You are the best thing ever happened to me . Would u like to spend the rest of your life in my arms . Kept it on the dashboard of car ... Back home. The day was harder to pass till the sun set its course back to mountains and started fading away . Ashu took a shower put on his uniform. Looked at mirror and left for the squadron .. every moment was like a year ... A second seemed to pass in a day time. The wait was worth but Aashu wished it was now. He went up to Flight commanders office, knocked, saluted and took a seat. Aashu - "Sir I have a humble request if u would like to approve . I wanna surprise my wannabe. Its her birthday and I wanna propose her." So he discussed plan with his commander who unbelievably gave him a go ahead signal  and both of them planned it in a perfect way ... Aashu left happily and in the meantime the story of budding love story spread like a fire.Some were winking at Aashu, some taunting ... All sorts of fun . wishing success ... It was the moment. Finally ... 2330 hrs Tarmac area ... Everything was set ... Aashu walked out of the Air crew section holding his helmet in left hand pressed by left arm . Gloves in other hand ... His shoes shining . Some papers which he tried to scatter and put them in the G suit in a pocket right below his knees. He walked up to aircraft ans looked at it. Walked around to check everything was intact. He climbed the ladder and got into cockpit. He put on his belts and started checking the controls. Everything seemed fine. The engines started rolling and rotor got rotating. While he was carrying out initial checks. He saw his commander on the Tarmac with a smile and thumbs up. Wishing best. He pulled the rod and engines were roaring leaving the dust flying in air. All set for take off. He taxied his helicoptor to a link and took off the helicopter... steadily left the ground gaining height at a slow speed and then finally tool a turn and here it was . Aashu now pulled the bouquet closer to him took a look around and set the chopper on its course . He haven't called Sheen all day leaving it a surprise. Sheen on the other hand was sad and feeling low talking to herself, " How can Aashu forget its my birthday . how mean. He could have texted me that he is busy. He haven't even bothered to answer my phone." A question in a question an then again a question. Sheen in her balcony with a cuppa coffee in her hand thought, "I won't ever talk to him again" ... Tears rolled down her cheeks. She checked her phone... its almost 2345 hrs and Aashu was nowhere . 

Sheen finally decided to ring Aashu but to her surprise it was switched off. She threw her cup of coffee on the floor in anger and was about to enter room when she saw a helicopter flying close to her home taking a round. Sheen was surprised she knew its Aashu. She waived her hand .. The helicopter again went around her home finally aligning near her balcony and reducing height. Aashu waived from the window pane and was lowering his helicopter. He pulled the bouquet and was about to drop it. The siren wailed. Beep beep beep beep ..... Fuck Aashu shouted .... He managed to throw the bouquet in balcony while helicopter lost its height and came down. He managed hard to get it back but all in vain ... Aashu closed his eyes and could see Sheen smiling at him.  Everything falshed in front of him. ... He had given up by now ... Bang it was all smoke and fire ....Sheen was on the floor and bouquet was torn into pieces. The slip with the message right in Sheens hand. . Sheen opened her eyes after a day in hospital ... "Where is Aashu" ... Her mother by her side crying ... "We lost him ... He is no more. .. Everybody tried their best ..... but.. but ... We could do nothing." And she hugged Sheen ... Sheen again closed her eyes with tears flowing like a stream .. 

Some love stories are never meant to be. This is a tribute to the bravehearts who rule skies, guard them for us,  Our soldiers!

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