She Saw Red

She Saw Red

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Sarah heard about the killings on the news, at first. Ray Brown, working for 7/11 network, with his shiny white teeth and vulgar tie announced it, looking wantonly solemn. But the morbid spark in his eyes reflected his interest in the matter.

Brutal pictures kept flashing across the T.V screen.The rocks near the river where the murders took place were stained with blood: not spattered drops or trickles. No. They were enrobed in scarlet. The bodies lay sprawled on the riverbanks as if crawling towards the water which flowed serenely just a span or two away.
In fact, thought Sarah, if it hadn't been for the corpses and their messy contents spread around, the place was an ideal picnic spot.What struck her, especially, was the red soil, characteristic to that locale. It was the kind that got everywhere, lending its shades to anything light-colored; difficult to get off, clinging on, eliciting remembrances.

Back to reality, she wondered how long this would take to forget. People die every day, after all. The victims weren't even important people, just a nanny and her boyfriend. No one cared about people like them. Most likely, the murderer would never be caught.

'Hopefully...' thought Sarah as she washed away the persistent red soil and blood off of her shoes.

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