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Towards The Monsoon Vibes
Towards The Monsoon Vibes



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When I peeped out of my classroom's window, I saw that wind had started blowing and the trees with their fluttering leaves, seemed as if they want to get out of soil and dance in the weather. Suddenly, the rain started, followed by lightening. In no time, the water covered the ground. The dropping water from the hill added to the beauty of the place.

All of a sudden, the bell rang and I climbed down the institution.The sudden blow of wind on my face delighted me. I started walking, I used to take a bus but it did not work as the path was choked with water. So I continued walking on the road. The road was between the jungle and I had to walk three miles on this road where I could hire a bus in order to reach home.

I was walking tirelessly on this road, enjoying the monsoon. I was wet but I did not care of it as I was busy enjoying weather.The air was heavy with moisture and the trees looked greener than ever. After a lot of walking, I was awarded by a picturesque vista of dancing peacock in the forest under the dark clouds. I was alone walking on this way. I did not realize that I reached the main road.

The showers stopped. I hired a bus and sat there.

The air was ripe with the pleasant, dewy petrichor of the postrain showers.The day was dying with the dying sun. But I was still energetic.

I got down the bus and moved to the main door of my house and I remembered that my family members went out to my grandmothers place. I sat beside the door lonely. But that jocund company was back again with the wind. I was sitting alone in the shower, and was little sick. But I smiled and thought-Ah! What a start of monsoon it was.

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