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You For You, Me For Me
You For You, Me For Me

© Shine Syamaladevi


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You for you, Me for me...

Shayana sat upright. I should not appear weak. I don’t have to stoop to a spineless moron. The thought of Sam, her husband, soon to be ex, filled bitterness in her. She was waiting at CCD,

Bandra. It was her favorite spot, always. Be it during her college days or after marriage. It had a special place in her heart. Damn, how long should I wait? She checked her watch. It was turning five. Oh, just five minutes since I came here. How fast the mind gets tired when waiting for someone we hate, she shook her head. She ordered a cappuccino.

She took the first sip with her eyes closed, relishing the aroma. She opened her eyes to see him entering through the glass door. He was wearing blue chequered shirt and khaki chinos. His combination for important meetings.

She understood the gesture. He considers it important, both her and their relation. He walked elegantly. Head held high and chest squared as if a military grade. “Hello,” he said with a smile. “Good evening.” She made it formal. Then stared at the chair opposite her.

He pulled the chair back. “Good Evening.” He sat down with the same smile. She took another sip from the coffee. This time keeping her eyes open.


“No, thanks.” He turned formal in a minute. “Let’s talk business.”

“You consider it a business.”

“Sex is a business, a mutually beneficial act of trading.”

“You and your attitude, it’s just disgusting! How I thought of marrying you?”

“Don’t act decently. I know you better. Better than anyone.”


“I don’t have to pretend any shit in front of you. You are nobody


to me, except officially. I have kicked you out from my mind

already. Waiting only for the legality to conclude.” She ground

her teeth. “Cool baby.” He leaned forward. “You are too hot to handle.”

He smiled, again, with a wink. “Is there anyone who is better

than me in doing that?”


“Doing what?”

“Handling you, when hot.”

She slammed the cup on the table. She closed her eyes and took a long breath before continuing. “Why are you objecting our divorce?”

“Because I want to be with you.”

“Avoid such shitty response. Tell me if any other thing than harassing me.”

“I am not harassing you. I never wanted to.” He checked his watch. “I wanted to be with you.”

“Ha, the ideal husband. The ideal couple. Husband goes around screwing and wife gives a blind eye. A modern day Savitri, you are interested in.”

‘It’s for our daughter. The only child I have.”

‘Correct it to ‘the only legitimate child I have’.”

“Only child, both legitimate and illegitimate.” He stared into her eyes.

“I need a coffee.”

“Shall I…”

“Don’t bother,” she interjected. She got up and went to the counter.

“So, it’s Diksha you want to be with.”

“I want my daughter to have parents.”

“Sam…?” She thought for a second. “Don’t you think you are a jackal?”

“What’s that?”

“A smartly dressed bastard.”

He rubbed his chin, the smile still on his face. He looked out through the glass door rather than answering her.

“Come on, answer me.”

“I will get a coffee.” He got up.

She took another sip neglecting him.

“I have a date today,” he said returning. He took a sip and nodded.

“Linda, it must be.”

“No.” He leaned back and crossed his legs.


“How many you know?”

“Many. Must be a dozen.” She raised her eyebrows thinking.


He interjected raising his right hand. “You don’t know her.”


“She’s waiting in the car.”

“Still, you don’t want a divorce!”

“We can be together, without disturbing each other. Maybe one day we can be ‘really’ together.”


“The day your thirst subsides,” she said in a tone of mockery.

“The day may or may not arrive. Isn’t it?”

“The day ‘our’ thirsts subside,” he said as if a statement.

“I don’t have…”

“We both have.”

“Stop this…’ Her voice shivered.

“Neil, KK…” His eyes reflected ‘all I know’. “Should I reveal more names, including your college crush Greg, whom you have met again recently.”


“See, this blame game is not taking us anywhere.” She could find her voice weak. She had the upper hand until a few seconds ago. Until she didn’t suspect him to know everything. Everything toppled now. “I want a divorce.”


“We can stay at one home and live our own life.” He opened his hands. “We will not interfere in each other’s life. We will not fight, will not opine on each other’s decision, we will not sleep together. Let the world be jealous of us, the lovely couple. Let our daughter be happy.” She nodded silently. “Let’s enjoy the sunset.” He got up with a broad smile. ‘Okay?”


“I will tell my advocate to withdraw the case.” She couldn’t understand what she actually felt while saying that. “Let’s be in peace. Let’s be happy.” He turned around and walked out without wasting a moment.


She dialed Greg’s number. “Hi, how it went?” He asked in an eager tone.



“Wow.” He was excited. “Am coming. Will reach there in five

minutes.” “Let’s celebrate it today.” She smiled, more to herself, and


disconnected the call. She walked towards the exit.

I am going to spend my remaining life with a stranger.




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