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She Was Beautiful!
She Was Beautiful!

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I met her in a local train, a dusky teen with dreamy eyes, doing her intermediate in humanities. We started talking about her classes, tutions and then about her family. When I asked about her friends, she was joyous enough to pour her heart out. She spoke at length about all her friends including that special person in her life whom she loves a lot but he does not like her much as she is not very beautiful or fair. I looked in her eyes, which now lacked the beaming brightness which was apparent when we started our conversation a few minutes ago. I held her hand and said with a smile "You are very beautiful" but she looked at me in disbelief. 

"Did you ever try to see yourself in your dad's eyes? You are the most beautiful princess for him. Have you ever seen yourself sleeping in bed, curled up and holding tight your favourite pillow? You do not see yourself when you are reading a book; your eyes fluttering and glowing. You do not get to see yourself when you look at someone with love and care in your heart. There is no mirror in front of you when you are laughing and smiling and happiness is oozing out of you as it happened just a few minutes ago when you were talking about your friends. You would know exactly how bright and beautiful you are if you get to see yourself in the moments when you are truly yourself." I concluded as the train came to stand still.

"This is my station, I will get down now," she said as she stood holding her backpack. I hugged her to say goodbye. When she got down the train and waved at me to say good bye, I found her smiling eyes were full of dreams again. Really, she was beautiful!

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