Fragrance of the Forest

Fragrance of the Forest

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I could sense the fragrance of the forest from very far. It was a strong mix of rain and musk and various flowers. It consumed me. I suddenly got extremely excited to be amidst that fragrance, so I increased my pace of walking. I was soon in the middle of the misty green that sparkled so bright as if thousand diamonds were sprinkled on them.

I followed a nearly invisible trail to reach the destination of the trek, which seemed such a daunting task that I almost considered just standing there and then returning. But, the thought to coming across more dense and fragrant part of the forest with various hues of green was so tempting that I started walking. And I was on the right path, because as I went further up and inside the forest, it was pure magical with each step I took forward.

Funny, how we realise things about life in metaphors, life become more magical as we keep proceeding and when we look back, we think Oh I cannot believe I was about to stop at that point. Glad I took the step, else would not have experienced the fragrance of the forest so close. 

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