Bad Experience Of life

Bad Experience Of life

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It's a story of my previous office. Offices are sometime great place to chill because of your funny friends. I worked before in a company that was Haven but due to some reason I left that and joined a new organization. In collection process. I was new in it so I got trained and in training room I met with some of my friends from ex- office. We use to take break together. And enjoyed our training time and after a mock call which is a test to clear to come in working process. So we came on floor and started talking calls. But after one month we moved to respected team and now we were on place where we have to face back to back calls you can say call rush increased. So, I was not that perfect in it. So my manager name Shivam called me and asked "what happened, I think you are feeling frustrated".

I said "yes because of call rush but in some days I will be okay". He show him self so concerned for me and he always kept an eye on me. But I tried to observe that he is looking at me.

He is not concerned at all, he has some other intention. I thought I may be wrong but slowly and gradually I got to know that he liked me and he took my number, he said being a manager he should have my phone number. I gave him my phone number. And then he started messing me and one day he messaged me that "he like me a lot and he said he want to be my boyfriend". I always ignored these things because love was not my cup of tea. So, I said to him. That "I am not interested in it" but then story changed being a manager it came up on his ego and he started harassing me. There were some one-on-one feedback session but never became one-on-one for me.

My feedback session always took place in front of team.where he made me cry. He started insulting me. I hardly cried in my life but on that day cried because I was not wrong. I came back on my workstation and decided either I would leave this organization or make him understand that I am not a girl who will entertain him. And when next time he called me for one-on-one which is always on Sunday because of all senior manager will be on off. So, this time as I already decided to embarrass him. I was too frustrated due to calls. Now the time came, "he said do you know English" I said, "as I am working in international call center yes I know English."

He said, "no, you don't know English as I can see here in recording that your sentences are not correct". I said, "to pull out the recording so I can also hear" that he pulled out and I was not at all wrong anywhere in the recording then I said to him in a loud voice that you don't have to see the recording you have to hear it to listen. And I said to him if you don't know how to understand or might be you don't know English so I am not able to make you learn once again. Everyone was looking at me. Last time when I cried but what happen this time. When I came back on my workstation every team manager came to me and said you did great today he is embarrassed now and he will never do this again you are a girl and he should respect you. And my team members appreciated me for this. Yasir is one of my colleague said, " aaja mere Sher" but Shivam was not able to digest it. So, he started planning to kick me out of that organization. And after some time he did it but everyone got to know about Shivam and what kind of a person he is.'

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