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Even Death Cant Do Us Part
Even Death Cant Do Us Part

© Jisha Rajesh


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Parag played a tune on the piano, looked up and asked, "What do you think, Paras? Is it okay?"

Then he closed his eyes as if trying to listen to some telpathic message. A few minutes later he opened his eyes abruptly and played another tune.

"Yeah! that's it." He looked up again and said, "I couldn't have made this without you."

Paras and Parag were neighbors since their childhood. Paras's father was the Vice-principle of the school were he had studied. His father had firmly belived that the scope of education should not be limited to attaining textual knowledge only but it should also aim all round development of a child. Apart from text books, sports and arts should also be the part of their curriculum. Hence, he has provided his son every form of education that he could afford. Paras in turn, found his true calling in music. After attending his music classes, Paras used to practice guitar in his garden which attracted Parag's attention towards him. Parag's father was more of a machine like those which came for repair in his garage; than a human. He had no regards either for education or for arts. So he had invested Parag's childhood in learning to mend the machines. But Parag was not the one made for the machines. He was blessed with the divine gift of music which drew him towards Paras who was as gifted as he was. Eventually, the two boys became best friends and started practicing together. Paras's father was immensely impressed by Parag's talent and instantly took him under his wings. He happily bore the expenses of Parag's schooling and music classes. And in this way, Parag found himself a life of immense possibilities waiting to embrace him with open arms.

After completing college, both the boys formed their own music band and named it 'Paraspar' which was a combination of both their names. Their hard work paid and their band was soon over the pinnacle of success in the world of music. Though it is being said that some relationships lose their charm when people get blinded by the glitter of success. But their's proved it wrong by standing strongly through the test of time. As years passed by, the music composed by 'Paraspar' went on topping the charts while beating all others. In one of the interviews, Paras had once said, "There will be no Paras without Parag and no Parag without Paras and no music without 'Paraspar'."

And the world happily acknowledged to it.

"Wow! this tune is just perfect. Isn't it Paras? We are gonna rock again. Mark my words Paras, the success of this concert will break all our previous records!" Parag said as a tear of joy made its way down his cheek. He smiled lovingly to Paras's photograph hung on the opposite wall adorned with a garland, to which he had been talking all the while.

Five years ago, Paras had died in an accident when he was on his way to a concert. But Parag has never let him go - neither from this world nor from his life. He still composes music under the banner of Paraspar. He still seeks Parag's opinion while composing. He takes care of Paras old and ailing father the way Paras would have done. He tries his best to keep Paras alive in all the possible ways, as he has a deep rooted belief within him that -

"Without Paras there will be no Parag and without 'Paraspar' there will be no music."

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