"Beyond Love"

"Beyond Love"

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It was dusk then. The Sun was about to disappear on the other side of the ‘Ganga’. The sky became canvas of colours. Reflections could be observed in the flowing water. Cool breeze gently kissed our hairs. We both were watching the waves of the river with empty eyes. One’s hand on other’s. Bonded with fingers. Silent . Birds were returning home at the day end.

‘Say something please’ – she gently asked. I said nothing.

‘For God’s sake, break the silence’ she urged.

‘When words lose its language, we live in the world of feelings. Realization plays an important role in the ocean of our mind. Our perceptions get a concrete shape.’ I replied.

‘Where do I belong in your world of feelings; in your ocean of realization’ she asked.

‘You are my passion of love. You are my feelings of liking; you are my source of inspiration to remain calm. You are my inner wheel.’

She put her eyes on mine. Thousands of un uttered questions.

‘I feel guilty’ – she said.

‘Why my dear, why are you feeling guilty ?’ I asked.

Suppressing a deep breath, she said ‘May be, we will never meet again; but how much I have given to you?’ she hid her face with the hands.

‘Look at me. Look at my eyes, then, you could realize what you have given to me.’ I said. She looked up.

‘You are not merely my love, you have given me a lesson of love. With your love, my hopeless, flow less, discrete life has got a direction, a destination. You have come like an angle in my life and taken me to the world of happiness. You have taught me that life is not all about duty, responsibility or arguments. Your love has made me tolerant. This is the greatest gift you have given to me’. She gently holds my hands.

I continued, ‘That’s why.......’ I paused a while.

‘What’s that ?’ she eagerly asked.

‘That’s why I have given up unnecessary arguments, even with my wife. I have perceived to tolerate, learnt to bear.’

‘It’s now time to depart’, she stand up. One step, two steps.....turned back and said ‘Stay Blessed’.

I also replied ‘take care; give my blessing to your daughter.’ I silently watched her disappearance.

Few minutes later, I left the place. Got a taxi to Kolkata Airport. My flight for Mumbai was at 21.10 pm. Occupied my window seat. Took Off. My plane took me far leaving behind my city of joy, my essence of love. Watching at the horizon outside, I silently uttered ‘I am blessed; you remain so; write me in the address of sky: I can certainly feel the vibration.....’ I closed my eyes. Moved on.

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