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Keep The Faith
Keep The Faith

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Madan was sick and somehow had an insecurity that he might die soon. So he decided to visit the Priest. The priest was a kind person who loved all forms of creatures. He loved and looked after even the animals he thought needed shelter. 

Madan turned to the priest and said, “I am sure I won’t survive for long, but I am afraid to die. Please help and tell me what is on the Other side?” Very calmly the priest said, “I do not know.”

“But how is that possible? You are a God’s man... a religious person. You surely must be aware of what is on the other side of  the death.” Said Madan.

The priest was still standing calm near the door. Just then there came a scratching and whining sound from the other side of the door. Upon hearing it, the priest opened the latch and a dog sprang into the room and overwhelmingly came near the priest and showed his gratitude towards him by wagging its tail.

Turning to Madan, the priest said, “Did you see this dog? He had never come to this room before. He knew not what lay inside...except that his master was there... and as soon as I opened the latch, he jumped without fear. I hardly know what lies on the other side of death, but I am sure of one thing: I know my Master... my Creator... my Owner is there, and that is good enough for me to know.” 


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