Soul Will Rest Upon’

Soul Will Rest Upon’

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-And then, he entered silently in the room.

The damn night and stars witnessed, that how I once used to admire, as he was the secret charm of the mysteries and the appeals of puzzle. I was aiming for moon and the stars, he brought storms for creation of my own sun-shine.
Absolute certainly, it was him to which I have spoken as by no one else.

In the event if you’d be there you ain’t hear anything cause we have talked in extremely quiet ways. He stayed there all the night and raised my soul. I thought he is pretending to belong from nowhere.
Notwithstanding, I was getting answers, that unfurled the myths of universe.
I was incapacitated. He made me realize that souls can’t split as his soul met mine.

While, he stands to leave, some place, I made a request to meet once more.
He grinned and whispered: ''We’re all in each other. Embrace this minute, this hour, this day and a piece of your soul.''

It’s like nothing ever stops happening.

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