Price Tag

Price Tag

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My intellect has gathered all my good, bad and worst emotions in my brain room.

Intellect switched on mic and said, “Hello guys… May I drag your attention please?”

“Who the hell are you, dumbo?” said arrogance, in insolence way.

“Sorry guys, let me introduce myself,” he said humbly, “I am intellect.”

“Intellect!” anxiety sighed heavily, “Ohh God…! All he does is analyze, analyze and analyze… How booooring…” said anxiously.

“Oh my God…”, said beauty blushingly, ”How handsome and dashing he is, look at his guts, how muscular he is… Awww… I love him…” she said with heart shape red pupils.

“Intellect or whoever the hell you are, I don’t give a shit! Bark out! Why the hell you’ve gathered all us here?” said anger, in discourteous way.

Room covered with pin drop silence.

“Bro… calm down, watch your language. Kids and women are also here…” said politeness to calm him down.

“Did I tell you to invite them you li’l piece of shit?” more furious sparked in his way of speaking.

Tolerance offered him a glass of water, and said, “Sir, I apologize on behalf them. Drink water please…” said in unflappable tone.

Anger drank whole glass and calmed himself a little.

“Thanks tolerance, so guys… we are here to give you an official price tag of your worth.” said intellect in his hidden conspiracy tone.

“We have total 1 Crore rupees. Mr. Anger, your price tag is 50 lacks rupees, 49 lacks price tag goes to Ego, 10K price tags goes to each of arrogance, envy, hatred, ego, misery, disgust, cruelty, frustration, and boredom. And now, 1K the cheapest price tag goes to love, joy, happiness, enthusiasm, curiosity, patience, politeness, tolerance, beauty, sympathy, charity, contentment and gratitude.” Intellect smiled mysteriously, folding price tag list.

When they heard their expensive price tag, Anger and Ego started dancing on cloud nine with immense joy, “Yo bro… we both got the most expensive price tag man. Yah… yah… I truly can’t believe my voice scares people that much impact... hey ego, I gotta tell ya one secret thing. From now on, we’ll scare the shit of them torturing by our innate capacity of cruelty, what do you say bro?”

“Sure bro sure… that’s the whole plan…“ said ego, dancing on soft clouds.

Cheapest emotions stayed in room with their complains.

“Uncle uncle, why we all got cheapest price tag?” asked baby happiness gazing up with cute puppy eyes.

“You all got cheapest price tag because you all have so much more worth and care in Parth’s heart. He always wants you all guys to be so cheaper so he can keep you forever in his heart.” said intellect kneeling down to him.

After hearing intellect’s intellectual conspiracy, everybody clapped joyously and their eyes got moist with deep philosophy behind cheap price tag. Even brain itself couldn’t help by getting emotional. He wiped out his corners before anyone notice.

Mom happiness cradled her baby happiness, and said endearingly, “you want to play in Parth uncle’s heart? Hmmn?”

“Mommy, I love to play in his heart, forever. I love Parth uncle. Yahh…yah… mommy, now I am double happy… yah…yah…” danced with his little hands and hugged mom with immense love. He looked up and teased those two expensive guys in his weird funny gesture of small hands, and made cute face to them.

As baby happiness got double happy, outside Parth’s lips smiled double happily too.

“Love you guys… it’s my privilege to have you all in my heart.” I said joyously.

Everybody waved their hands with two inch extra broad smile.


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