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Cruel Reality
Cruel Reality

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"Love" a small word with great meaning. Not everyone gets it. And the ones who get it don’t appreciate it and the one who don’t have it long for it.

It is a fine Sunday morning which means I have nothing much to do. After such a long time I finally have some time to do things I want to do. Living alone is really suiting me a lot more than I expected. I am a youngest one in my family (not sure if I can still call it “family”). It’s been 4 years I have been living alone and trying to forget the pain. But that never happened.

Sometime I still think I should not have said anything that day as well just like all other days. But not sure if given a chance I will ever change anything I have done so far. Ever since I remember all I had heard from my parents is simple “No” without any explanation or anything. But that never stopped me from doing whatever I was supposed to.

Keeping all my thoughts aside I finally got up and decided to have a cup of coffee to start my day. And that’s when I realized I am running out of coffee. So I changed and went to the nearest store to do some shopping. I carefully locked the door behind me plugged my earphones. As the weather is really nice I decided to take walk. It took me almost 15 minutes to reach the store but that didn’t bother me much. I got the trolley and started taking the things I needed. I was waiting in the billing line when I saw my family entering in the same store. And so many thoughts came into my mind. But they all disappeared and only one thought was there. The look I received from them was much more than Hatred and disgust. And all I was thinking: - “what I have done to deserve this from my own family? Am I really that bad? Do I deserve to be alive? ”

And with all those thoughts and things I bought from store I went back home absent-minded not sure about what to do anymore.

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