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Romance With Stranger- 2
Romance With Stranger- 2

© Awanish Surya


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I caught a bus from Nehru Place to Hauz Khas at around 9am. A few seconds latter, a lovely smile came on my face, when I saw that same girl entering into the bus. She was looking gorgeous in her salwar-suit. She also saw me luckily, smiled and sat just ahead of me. I could see her long hair and back as I was on the seat just behind her. She didn't turn back, but she was smiling internally. I was looking at her, recollecting our last meet in cab and the feelings of romance through out the journey. I was wiling to talk or to say something. I wanted to ask about her, like where she works, on which profile or in which company. 

At the next bus stop, some crowd entered. After few minutes, a middle aged man started to search his mobile which someone had taken from his pocket. Everyone in the bus started looking at each other and the silent bus turned too noisy immediately. Everyone wanted to find the thief. Suddenly, the same girl spoke loudly, pointing to a person who was standing near entrance gate- "Check that man. He has taken the mobile. I saw him doing so."

The thief was too scared now. His eyes were down, spoke something in low voice and tried to get out from the bus. Conductor and the people who were standing nearby started to search the the person and he was caught. People started to beat him in the running bus till next stop. 

I was seeing and observing these all activities. I smiled looking at the girl and told myself- "Brave girl. I like this type of girl, who can't see bad things or bad activities happening in the society."

When her destination came, she turned back, looked at me, smiled and got out from bus. 

Stranger Bus Journey Feelings

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