Blazing Barren Island

Blazing Barren Island

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Blazing Barren Island

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Dear Sandy,

You’ll be very happy to know that our school organized an excursion trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It was like dream come true when my father agreed on my going.

I wish you could have been with me too, but don’t worry , I’ll narrate all the exciting things, we saw there.


You know, there I saw the blazing Barren Island where nobody can dare to go. I’m using the word ‘dare’ because there is a reason to it. You’ll agree with me, when you know the reality. Yes…buddy, hold your breath and hear! It is an island of active volcano, which emits lava all the time , that too in the middle of Bay of Bengal. So now you see reaching there is virtually impossible.

When I first heard that we’ll be going to Andamans , I was all pepped up by the thought that we’ll get a chance to seeThe Bay of Bengal and have joy rides in huge ships. Also when I heard that we’ll be seeing the blazing island, a wave of fear ran down my spine. I had mixed feeling of joy and fear.

“Wonder whether Tsunami had any effect here”  I contemplated.

Well on 14th Feb’06 we took flights from Delhi to Chennai and from Chennai to Portblair.

After a night’s halt at Chennai we resumed our flight the next day for Portblair.

I was on  cloud nine as this was my very first air journey. Sitting next to the window the clouds passing by seemed so near, I could extend my hands and catch them. When the plane was landing at Portblair airport our earth looked very  beautiful. It appeared somebody had splashed  blue and green marble painting on it.. Then the thought flashed; “God is really a great artist.” By the way, I thought I’ll let you know, that Portblair is the capital of Andaman Nicobar Islands.

On 15th morning around10.30am alighting  the flight ,we headed straight to the guest house. Our travel agent was very near to our guest house. He informed that 9 pm sharp our ship voyage would start. By 8.30 we reached at Phoenix Jetty. Our Grand Ship ‘Strait Island ‘  majestically stood in the moor. In front of us lay the dark and vast Bay of Bengal. Farther ahead in the horizon, small islands glittered in the night. The lights lit  in peoples’ homes made the whole island twinkle with its lights. In the night these seemingly floating twinkling islands looked very beautiful.

Our ship was connected to the jetty with 2,3 wooden planks joined together. We boarded the ship well in time and were taken to the lowest 20 seater AC cabin. It suddenly occured as if  I was cut off from the outer world.

“ Oh” I sighed,  “ how am I going to see the ship sail on the water?”

Our ship had taken its speed. I desperately wanted to go on the upper decks and see the ship sailing on the water. On request one of the crew staff brought us up. The whole ship was in pitch dark. Flashing the torch light he brought us to the railing. The sea and the ship were entirely engulfed in darkness. I became restless. The sea looked black and our ship was moving in darkness too….all this reminded me of the picture ‘Titanic’ . Shiver ran down my spine.It all  seemed quite eerie to me. We turned  back to go. On our way we entered the control room. All the captains  were glued to their respective work. There was pin drop silence. The captain on the steering wheel had his eyes fixed in front. The flash light from the top of the ship was falling straight in front of the water  for direction. With a very pensive mood I reached back to my cabin. Seeing the lights in the room I felt some sort of relief. The room was filled with an aroma of food as most of the people had opened their tiffins to eat. A sudden churing in the stomach was a clear indication that I was hungry too. We quickly had our food. The lights of the room became dim I stretched myself lazily on the chair, and  don’t know when sleep took over me.

Suddenly a voice came ringing in the ears, “Get up..quickly, ..everyone go upstairs….we have reached the BarrenIsland.”

I got up with a jerk, “Is it  3 pm….have we reached?”

The crew member smiled at me, “Yes..Yes..its 3 pm…Come on be quick …You all have to go up on the topmost deck.


Again in the torchlight  we were all taken upstairs. “Damn the darkness. We have not come to see the darkness here”  I  cribbed in utter disgust.

No sooner had we reached the top ,the sight that stood in front of us, left us spellbound and dumbfold.

I was in complete awe of what I saw. At a distance of a mile stood a huge Blazing Barren Mountain Island.  The lava thrown out  appeared like large chunks of burning red coal strewn here and there. If we joined the pieces in a line , it made the letter ‘S’. The topmost part of  the mountain was conical. Thick smoke was coming out of it. In between we saw some light coming up out of it. It happened two three times and then like a bubble  burst out. What a sight it was!  Mesmerised I held my breath and ogled at thisBarren Mountain .First time in my life I was experiencing  a volcano live. The cinders of the lawa were burning but the vast sea acted as  a cooling agent and a  protective shield .That’s why it seemed to be a peaceful ,barren, volcanic island. It was such an experience: I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

Eventually I came out of my trance. I heard voices like .Ah..Oh..How  beautiful…etc. I looked around. People  were clicking pictures and expressed there feelings of joy as well.

I quickly took out my camera and clicked many photographs. Due to distance it didn’t come out so well , yet could capture some impressions of it. I’ll send you some of them.


Our ship had started  its return  voyage, and in the eastern sky,  twilight, with its streaks of redness was taking away the entire darkness. The sea too was coming out of the darkness. A serene blue hue of the dawn had swept over the entire sea .The cool breeze coming from it was very soothing. It played with our hair, face and body.. I just caught on to the railing and watched every bit of it.

Slowly and gently our Sun God  emerged out of the sea (so it seemed)., a cool  round ball of dark saffron colour . our dear Sun too  had a dip in the sea and had risen in the sky all fresh and cool.  I Bowed my head with  reverence . For me this moment was very heavenly, and heart touching as I had seen the sunrise too for the first time.


In a little while  the Sun  was shining in its full brilliance. Its silvery rays had spread over the entire  sea .As the ship was moving ahead the silvery pitter patter of the rays also kept

moving .The silvery pitter was also taking its joy ride with us. .as if it wanted to be friends with us. The whole scene was breathtaking

The rotators in the  rear of the ship were emitting huge gurgling  froth in the water which continued for quite some distance and divided the sea into two parts. Standing on the right side of the railing we first enjoyed this rear view and then we focused sideways.

All of a sudden we felt few birds flew just above the water  and then went inside it.


‘Oh look…The flying birds’ I squealed to my friends.

‘They are not birds…..They are flying fish’. A voice of the co-passenger came from the back.

Turning around I looked inquisitively at the person who had commented .He again reaffirmed, “ These are flying fish.”

In a little while another flight of fish flew above the water and dived at length.

“See…See… flying fish.”my friends also joined in. “They had tiny wings…how wonderful” They chorused.

As our ship was cutting through the water , these fish getting scared would fly off above  the water and  then dive into it. It was a very novel and amusing scene for me. We enjoyed it thoroughly for a pretty some time.

Our voyage was coming to an end. The surface of the water had such intricate designs made on it

In a distance we could see our destination. Slowly and deftly our ship was moored at The Phoenix Jetty. We all jumped out of the ship and joyfully went back to our guest house.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this letter.In my next letter I’ll tell you about the cellular Jail.

Bye for now ,

Your friend,



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