Sing For The Moment!

Sing For The Moment!

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Traveling in Indian railway can be irritating, especially when you are going to Bihar, you can't predict when you will reach your destination.

Rajiv was going to his hometown after three years. He was very excited but it seemed that the rail driver had taken a vow to delay the train as much possible. The train was already ten hours late and God knew how much more. Everyone in the compartment was tired of waiting for their destination. The middle-aged people were cursing the Indian government for the delay, a two and half years old child was crying nonstop, sick of being in the train since the last twenty-four hours, Rajiv was busy watching the latest Bollywood movie on his laptop.

But an old man was watching everybody in the compartment from the side lower berth. He saw a guitar hanging and requested Rajiv to play the guitar. Rajiv hesitated that he didn't know to play the guitar well. The old man comforted him by saying that nobody was judging him. He started playing the guitar and the old man started singing a song. At first, everyone looked confused but then joined the old man. The child who was crying nonstop also started enjoying the moment and sang her own lyrics "la la la...".

The journey which seemed ages turned memorable and soon they reached their destination.

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