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The Love Journey
The Love Journey

© Aiswaria Lakshmi


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"Ram I am just thrilled to meet my parents after 2 years" said Anu.

It was a rainy day and her anniversary , on this day she left her parents for Ram and eloped to ooty. She was promised by Ram that he will return her parents back .

Suddenly Anu got up from her sleep and thought about one good day ahead , she dressed herself in beautiful red saree and kept a big bindhi and filled her forehead with sindhoor . She said to herself ,"Ram I have a news to excite you as well and touched her baby bump with a smile".

She prepared all the delicacies for her parents and baked a heart-shaped cake for him. Every minute was like hours , and every hour was years for her , without her knowledge she fell asleep. Suddenly she heard her phone ringing so she woke up took the phone and saw that clouds were completely dark , on the other side she heard a voice "hello ma'am ,can you hear me ?This is Vicky, sorry ma'am Ram...hello Ram..He met with an accident near the cliff ...aaa and he is no more now...".

Anu couldn't hold her phone and it fell down broken like her heart .She was completely devastated and after few minutes she walked to her bedroom and took their last photo in her hand and hugged it.

The next day near Ram's home, the neighbors were talking to each other and one says "lovely couples, even death couldn't drift them apart!".

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