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Inspirational Tragedy

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Tracy McGarrett was in her hotel room getting ready and tears filled her eyes as she wore a white ribbon and a watch given by her father years ago which was worn by her only on special occasions, she was on her way to the refugee camp on the border of Syria and Turkey. She was the representative for her country and was a quote powerful figure in her country. Respected and well known, she was liked by everyone and admired for her optimism. But today she had come to Turkey as someone else….She was her Father’s daughter and had come to keep her promise she had made long ago and also to give as many people as possible, an insight into the world beyond the horizon…

The smell of freshly scented flowers and the sunlight on her face woke Tracy up….she realized with a start that today was her birthday….Alex, her younger brother was up and running, leaving aside all his necessary morning chores aside, all that seemed necessary to him was driving his toy trucks and tanks in every inch of the space available in the whole house. Tracy got ready and put on a nice blue, red and white stripped dress, her favorite accessories and a dab of her favorite perfume completed her look. Looking in the mirror she realized with a sigh that her father would miss this birthday too. Why? Well, her father was somewhere in the east about thousand miles away from her, fighting neck to neck with who knows what, but he was finally coming today. Everyone was just so excited. Tracy’s mother called her down for her birthday breakfast.

Tracy was overwhelmed by the smell of freshly baked strawberry muffins, her favorite along with some cold coffee. What a good day it is! She thought. Father will come, her granny and grandpa would arrive and it would be the perfect setting. Soon in a blur of answering “happy Birthday Tracy” phone calls,

Noon knocked on their door and there they were her granny and grandpa, they bathed Tracy in their warm and safe hugs.

Soon after Tracy went and got things ready for the celebration they would have when her father would arrive. On the bed lay the ribbon in the color of favorite color…white and the beautiful watch which came the next day her father was deployed for his who-knew-what mission and on her bedside lay a photo which was what she had taken with her father. Tracy and father were there at the edge of a cliff in between of those beautiful snowy mountains taking a selfie while the sunrise took place, the horizon was also visible…It was so mesmerizing. That day she said to her father “Dad, I wonder behind this horizon. “Her father replied, “Honey, beyond this horizon lies every person’s own world. It’s upon each one of us to choose that with what are we going to fill it with. I would always recommend filling it with hope, aspirations, positive thoughts and the desire to do something for this world you live in and give back whatever little you can. You see we only get one life….so make it worthwhile. Then there was a moment of silence and then her father suddenly said “Tracy….you must promise me something. Mesmerized Tracy replied “What dad? “He continued on “Tracy promise me this one thing, that you will always fill yours and others world beyond the horizon with whatever I told you and always follow it. It is the only gift I could ask from my daughter. Tracy said, “Dad I always promise to fill my world beyond the horizon with whatever you just said. Her father said, "I love you honey and always will…never feel alone, because I will be there beside you, right in your heart.”

With a happy sigh Tracy kept aside the framed selfie and looked forward to the rest of the day and the activities planned out for her. They had her favorite items for lunch, friend were invited over, games played…but her one eye was always on the door, awaiting the doorbell to be rung and then how she would see her father standing there, clean shaved, in his khaki clothes which he said always made him proud. She would them run towards him and embrace him in the tightest hug ever…letting the cuddly, warm and comforting feeling wash over her for eternity till her father would pull her away slowly to Hug her brother who would proudly show him his new tank or toy, whatever he got for his good behavior.

Then Tracy was back in her own world in a snap and what surrounded her were her friends, laughter and happiness then kept her company until the party was over and her friends left. She was up all night on her bed, unwrapped gifts lying beside her and looking at the horizon out her window. She wondered when her dad would be home, she would show her all his achievements and make him proud and then he would present her with a present brought from overseas.

But who came home that was the most dreaded news of her father. HER FATHER HAD DIED AS A PATRIOT ON THE BATTLE FIELD. She sobbed, she wept, she wanted to go into a hole and never come out her but her father’s embrace washed over her and she wiped her eyes dry as she stood stronger than before.

She remembered her father’s promise and released its value. “It’s time “Tracy said aloud to herself in the mirror. She had to keep her father’s promise, she would not let him down. She had to save lives and teach people to look beyond the horizon……into the new world of their own with only light and no darkness.

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