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So, what is a bed, may be a thing to give a nice sleep, may be something to comfort us or may be just a wooden  craft. Today when I see my undergraduate bed I respect him, but I also regret that my home bed didn't get that much of my attention. I now have come to recognize how important was my home bed. We used to share so many foolish ideas, emotions, dreams, etc. I know he never spoke to me, but I also know that he always had an indirect influence. If you know the concept of the uncanny valley then you might  also know why non-living things are made to look like non-living things? The answer who so that people might not get touchy and feel emotions for them. I don't really know whether these non-living things really are non-living, or they are just pretending to be, or there might be a possibility that they lack super communicational  skills. In my opinion, non-living things do communicate, but it is totally up to us whether we understand them or not.

So, let me talk about my bed. Yes, he is very  special to me. The thing is that beds come with some special specifications. Unlike my home bed, my undergraduate bed is first of all an undergraduate bed, second, it is totally nonsense and lazy too; whereas my home bed is quite mature, intelligent and full of sagacity. I have shared so many things and emotions with him that I would always remember. I have been with him since I was born, that's what my childhood photographs tell me, and yes he is still alive, but now it just makes a little bit of noise and may be one of his legs is weak. Yes, I have emotions for him, all the childish inventions that I had done is with him and whatever I had to hide, I had hidden beneath him. I remember a childhood incident where  I was sleeping with my grandmother (and yes she is alive too), and maybe, it was around 10 or 11 pm that my eyes suddenly opened and what I saw was an alien painted in all blue with dull eyes and was staring at me  making a plus sign with his two index fingers pointing at his nose. He was shining bright and what a terrible moment for a child. I got serious and tried to wake my grandmother. But everyone knows what happens in such a situation. My grandmother said,"It was nothing and just try to sleep." 

What's interesting was that after some days, I observed  a stitch on my nose which was very much close to a plus sign, when I asked my parents how did I get that stitch, they told me that I had fallen on my bed while playing. Today, after so many years, I still remember that alien figure and how my brother used to tease me after my grandmother had told everything. I felt so foolish that day. But only my bed knows what we both had gone through that night. There are plenty more incidents like that. I will always remember him for the wonderful time we have spent. What I want to say is that next time when  you lie on your bed remember he/she  is the one who will give you that sound sleep.     


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