Never Ever Give Up

Never Ever Give Up

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She was covered her hair with white color scarf. I was influenced by her appearance. She was not beautiful. A lady who was sitting on a wheel chair. When she entered everyone bothered about her but she was so comfortable on her wheel chair. I did not see any disability on her face. Her face was shining like a glitter.

I could not believe that a person can look so beautiful without her legs. Me and mom were travelling in metro. My mom knows her. Mom told me that she is a brave lady. She daily traveled by metro. Her husband was dead and she was living with her brother and her wife. She traveled daily for her work. At that time my mind was indulged in thoughts that how can a person without legs not give up? I was thinking she did not feel any pain to travel daily. Is she happy? I got an answer from my mind. My mind says she lost her legs but she got a lot of courage. When God takes one thing away from us, he will give you a replacement for that. That's why we say nobody is perfect.

I learned my travelling lesson on that day when I was going for work with my mother and suddenly I got the inspiration. You can find the inspiration at any time. Life is all about lessons and inspirations. No one knows where and how you can get it.

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