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Choice And Consequence
Choice And Consequence

© Satyanarayan Kunjitam

Drama Thriller

3 Minutes   8.9K    116

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There he was, wondering what to come up with content for the story he wants to write. He was wondering what to write. Where to get the inspiration from? A thought came to him - "Why not follow people without them noticing and take into account of their everyday activities"?

He began to follow people without them noticing and began to Journal his observations. As he progressed with it, the people who he kept his eyes on, their day to day life was boring. One day while he was wondering whom to follow for his story, he saw a charming young Man in a Business suit. He began to follow him without getting noticed or is it what he thought? The young Man went to a cafe, the story teller followed him.

"Hey you" - Young Man.

"Me"? - Story Teller.

"Ya You - I think you are following me. By the way, I am Naveen. What about you?"

"Hi I am Ajit". They begun to talk to each other and Ajit revealed his story about him wanting a story to be crafted and that he was following him discreetly. Naveen revealed he is a house breaker. Ajit didn't believe him so Naveen told him to accompany him for the day. As Ajit followed, Naveen broke into a house along with Ajit and showed Ajit he used to do it and take out a significant part of belongings of his clients so that the clients can value the loss of possessions which they considered insignificant. Ajit asked Naveen " Why wearing suit for these sort of action". "Presentation matters" replied Naveen.

Naveen shared his philosophy that he can understand about a person by looking at the way they keeps their house, environment, workplace, etc. By looking around the house you can say about client's characteristics. Ajit began to understand Naveen's philosophy. "The thing which I had been trying to do you are trying to do by looking into other people's house" exclaimed Ajit.

Days followed, months followed. Navneen and Ajit bonded over these observations by visiting client places without their permission. Navneen told Ajit to change his fashion outlook. Navneen sponsored Ajit for his new outlook of life and Ajit followed his footsteps.

One day, both of them went inside a apartment where they found a lady dead. Ajit began to tremble as he felt something was wrong. Navneen began to wear gloves and took out a 42 calibre gun and shot Ajit.

Next day The Headline read "Psychopath serial killer found shot. The victim was found stabbed with gun in her hands".

Moral : Never judge a person by how he looks or what Brand he wears/uses. The subjective perception is totally different to objective reality. In this world of social media and influences we should never judge a person by his looks and clothes.

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