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Break The Wall
Break The Wall

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There was once a girl normal, happy, had a very good family, everything was just fine, but there was some one whom only she could feel no one could ever see nor feel it's presence.

She was a very ambitious girl who always wanted to do something unique, always wanted to prove she can do anything if she desire!!, but that someone had always put restrictions, there was a huge wall built around her which no one could ever see, and neither she could break the wall, her parents, her friends, no one could ever break it.

She always wanted to pursue a good name and that invisible power always held her back, didn't let her speak for herself, her mouth was always shut and so her opportunities and all her dreams!.

One day she was completely done with it restricting her for all her dreams her ambitions, she took up all the courage and broke the wall, she kept her head high and for everyone who said she could not do, she asked just one question "Why can't I?". That day she knew what was that energy that was the reason for all failure, her negative thoughts like,

"What will people tell?", 

"What will people think about me?", 

"How will I answer there questions?",

"What will I tell my parents?",

"How will face the society?",

"How will my life be if I share what I feel what is in my mind?" and all. 

That day she made up her mind. She had only one thought in her mind "What does my heart want? Why should I care about someone?", and that question changed her life completely and set her life free without any boundaries. Now she is still a normal girl but much happier, fulfills all her dreams, and most important " SHE HAS BELIEF IN HERSELF"

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