There Is No Limit To Greed

There Is No Limit To Greed

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A hen and a peacock get married. Here, the hen is the female and the peacock the male.

The hen and the peacock form an excellent pair of lovebirds. They fall in love and get married against their parents' wishes. Their parent's forsake them. They start living separately in the peacock's garden. The peacock hunts eels and the hen hatches eggs.

One day, the peacock gets home a golden egg. It is a special egg. If rubbed, it can fulfill the wishes of the holder of the egg. When the peacock gets the egg home, his wife, the hen, tells him to wish for a cottage. The peacock rubs the egg and asks it for a small cottage. The wish is granted. The egg has been discovered in the sea, therefore, each time someone rubs it, it has to be taken to the sea to be cleaned. When the peacock asks the egg for a small cottage, he goes to wash the egg, and finds the water yellow and green. After they get the cottage, the hen is very happy and pampers the peacock. After six months, the hen asks the peacock to wish for a stone castle. Now the sea water has turned blue and gloomy.

The wish is granted by the egg but still the hen is not satisfied. Still six months later, the hen requests the peacock to ask the egg to give them the boon of making the peacock the king of the land. The water now turns dark grey in color. However, the peacock's wish is granted. Still the hen is not happy.

The hen tells the peacock to ask the egg to convert her into a pope. The wish is granted and the hen becomes the pope. However, even after this the hen is not satisfied. Therefore, she begins to ask the peacock to wish to become the lord of the sun and the moon. The water wave swells up as tall as the mountain and the color of the water goes black. This time the egg tells the peacock to go home to his pigsty. This time the peacock had asked for something that the egg could not give. He has crossed his limit by asking for being made the lord of the sun and the moon.

Thus, one should never be greedy in life and always should be satisfied with what one has. This is the moral of the story.

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