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It's my 8th birthday today. As I opened my eyes to the smiling Sun, my mom showered me with her love in form of those numerous kisses. She told me that she felt blessed to have me as her daughter. Then my grandparents too came into my room with a handful of birthday presents for me. Mom asked me to seek their blessings. I got down from my bed and touched their feet. They were so overwhelmed that they hugged me and kissed my forehead. I was so happy today. I had everything today with me that I have once wished for. There were new dresses, toys, crayons and lots of chocolates and of course a huge birthday cake on its way to our place.

The only thing that made me sad and which I missed so badly was my Dad. My Dad was not there with us to celebrate my birthday. His present came by the courier and I hurriedly tore it open as if he will pop out of it. But no, it was a doll...a very beautiful one of course. It reminded me that my father used to say that I was his doll. I understood why that he has sent me a doll. I felt happy as I saw the gorgeous doll. But I knew that my real happiness was his presence with us to celebrate my birthday. But I know I should be happy that he is not with us today. Because he is defending our nation at the border. If he backs out from his post of duty, our nation will perish. I feel so proud of him. An immense feeling of happiness starts fluttering its wings within me. I was happy even when my greatest happiness - my father was not with me. I was happy because he was doing his duty as a true soldier.

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