How The Hell !!

How The Hell !!

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It was Saturday evening, probably the best evening for most of the people, because the next day was Sunday. After a long week finally a holiday ,but I think differently. I hate Sundays or any holidays. It gives me more time to think about me and my filthy and rotten life. Life had not always been like this. Recently it has taken a bad turn, a turn so bad that it is turning my life upside down.

 My name is Ananya and I work in…umm..actually nowhere! Low life scum you may call me.  I am literally swimming in the fathomless sea of debts. Both my mother and father passed away last year, so you may easily understand that last year has not been easy for me. I have wasted money in the last 2 years like anything. I have left behind not even a single penny. I wasted all my money on poker, bridge, drinks and cigarettes. My dad didn’t give me his money. He said I was “unfit” for the money. Maybe he was right, but he is the reason for my deplorable   condition and I can never forgive him for that.

 Recently I have taken up a job in a nearby restaurant as a waiter. The small amount of money I get is enough for everyday expenses, but that won't help me to get out of this debt. I owe money to my friends and they know my condition so they have stopped asking me for the repayment. They know that I will never be able to give them their money back.

 Now I am about to talk about a person who maybe the greediest person I have ever met in my life -  Radha Rani Verma, my landlady. Yes, I have two months of house rent to pay and I have taken money from her which I still owe her.  She not even for a moment lets me forget that. She keeps reminding me of the money I owe her. Her fat face irritates me every time I see her.  She is exactly the kind of person I love to call, Evil Little Fat Folk. She disgusts me.

 Thinking of all this I reached home. It was 8 o’clock. The staircase was dark. I took out my mobile and switched on the flashlight. My landlady lived in the room on the ground floor. As I was going past her room the door opened, and a strangely irritating and deep voice called out. "Hey, who is there?" "Its me Ananya." "Oh you! Where the hell have you been?" "I was at work Aunty. I don’t get many holidays." "Oh! When exactly are you planning to give me the house rent?" "Umm..actually..I will give as soon as possible." "AS SOON AS POSSIBLE? Hey, listen tomorrow is the last date for you. If you don’t give me the money tomorrow I'll throw you out of the house. Then you will have to worry about finding a new house." She said it so hard that my face was wet with her spit. I said quickly, “umm Aunty I have some money I can pay you right now. May I come in?” Her eyes gleamed with joy. “Yeah yeah come in gimme what you got.” I went inside in her room.  The room was dark. She switched on  the light. A very bad odour emitted  from the room. It was disgusting. I wished I had my handkerchief to cover my nose.

 Now let me tell you a secret. I didn’t have a single penny in my pocket. I just wanted the woman to turn her back on me so that I picked up the baseball bat lying in the corner of the floor.

The woman turned to open the trunk.  The trunk was filled to the edge with bundles of rupees. This time my eyes gleamed with joy. I had been planning all this since  long  and now I was going to make this work. I picked up the baseball bat over my head and bashed it on the head of the old lady. Once, twice, again, then again and again. Blood smeared all over my shirt and the lifeless body of the old woman fell on the floor. I stood there for some time, drank some water and went to the washroom. I came back to the room and found the dead body lying over there. Even as she lay dead, quiet and helpless she could not arouse any sympathy in me.

  I took the baseball bat, went to the garden and buried it in the garden. Then I went near the trunk and took as much MONEY as I could (I almost took it all). Then I came up in my room, changed my clothes, rinsed the blood from the clothes and then lit up a cigarette. I was feeling relieved and scared at the same time. With the money I had in my hand, I went to a five star hotel for dinner. That day I ate as I had never eaten.  After my dinner I went to sleep.   I had the wildest of  nightmares and could not sleep.  I saw a grave   and a handcuff. I woke up with a start. Then came the moment of horror. I was sleeping on my bed, but when I woke up I saw myself sitting on the chair near my study table and my diary was in front of me. The cold wind was coming in through the window. The lights flickered. I stood up and saw that the window was open though I clearly remembered that I had closed it with my own hands before going to sleep. I began to sweat; I felt someone’s presence in the room. I heard faint whispers and faint sounds of somebody walking. I went in the bathroom and washed my face with cool water and came back. I almost threw myself on the bed and soon  dozed off. This time I had no dreams. I woke up in the morning with the sound of door knocks. I stood up and opened the door. I wasn’t shocked to see the police inspector at my door. I said politely “good morning sir. umm…why are you here?” "Ananya, I'm afraid I have some bad news." "what sir?" "Your landlady Mrs. Radha Rani Verma is dead. She died last night." "Really? Oh’s shocking. How did she die sir?" "Murdered by something blunt on the head," said the inspector.

 I smiled inside, but let out a faint scream as if I was really shocked to hear of her death. “Ananya, I have an arrest warrant for you and I would like to search your room if you don’t mind.”" I was a bit scared but then I decided that it won't be a problem, so I said “Yes sir..Certainly..” I sat down on the sofa and the two policemen started searching the room. I was tense but I was sure that they won't find any clue. I was right. After 45 minutes they gave up and the Inspector said, “Ananya, you are clear as for now, but if you don’t mind may I see your diary?” I thought about it  and then said “Yeah sure sir, why not!” He opened the diary and started turning the pages. Then he suddenly stopped at a page and his face turned serious. Then the things happened very quickly. He came to me and put out a handcuff and said in a cold voice “Ananya, you're under arrest for killing your landlady.” I was horrified and I shook my head in disbelief. " mean how can you say that?..What proof do you have against me?” “The proof is in front of you,” said the Inspector. He handed me the diary. The thing I saw there made me go totally crazy. I had never been so scared in my life. Inside the diary there it was written with my own hands the full description of the murder and at the end  was my own signature. My head started to spin. I realized that I was gonna faint. I wanted to scream but all I could manage was “HOW THE HELL!!!…"!

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