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Being Fearless
Being Fearless

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"Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.”

- Albus Dumbledore

Dark room, you are sleeping in your bed. The lights went out, leaving no trace of brightness in the room. What are the odds? Suddenly, the surrounding silence in your room is broken by your alarm . As the alarm mercilessly rings not caring about how frightened you are, fear creeps into your mind. However, you manage to turn your alarm off. But the darkness doesn't want to let you relax soon.

Suddenly, you hear the sound of your door creaking open. You are terrified but can't resist looking out at the darkness towards the door. A sudden realization of the whistling sound through the window, convinces you that its just the natural reaction of the door to the wind. Then you rest yourselves sitting on the bed resting your back on the pillow, rethinking the nightmare going on around you. Your mind is disturbed that it keeps whispering that something is wrong. You look around and your eyes landed on something worse. Dominating the scene, it is a silhouette, scary enough to close your eyes the moment you saw it. Your reflex is flawless there, you close your eyes and rub them, silently wishing that there should be nothing when you open it. You slowly open your eyes. There is nothing over there. Now, slicing out all your imaginations that you got out of your fear for darkness, everything will seem logical.

The lights are out in the midnight. So what? Is there any good reason that they should always glow in the dark? The door opens. Yes. But, not by itself. It just reacted to the wind. Your alarm rings- Oh yes! Don't blame the darkness here. Its you who is responsible for setting that damn alarm. The silhouette -You have one hell of an imagination running in your head. Going through all this with shivering hands and sweat, doesn't mean you are a scaredy cat. In fact, you were fearless. With everything going on around you, you still stayed back in your room, in spite of being frightened. You never made a fuss about being alone in the darkness, but just hoped that everything will be OK when the sun shines. This is what makes you Fearless. Because,

“Being FEARLESS isn't being 100% unafraid, it's being terrified but you jump anyway...”​

-Taylor Swift

Aren't you a person who fears to sleep alone after giving feast to your eyes on watching a ghost movie at night time? But, sleep anyway.

Aren't you person who fears to deliver a speech addressing a vast audience? But, speak anyway.

Weren't you a person who was so nervous at your first day in office. But, got experienced anyway.

Weren't you a person who was fear of falling. But, fell in love anyway.

Fear always will be there.But,only those who overcome it, will be able to win the life.But,interesting fact is we have an inherent ability to deal with it ‘cause we came alone here and we are going to leave alone from here. Lord Krishna said, “Fear is only a illusion,it may become reality,it may not become reality too”so, try not to be trapped in it believing it will become a reality."

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